Capcom Is Killing Me


So i bought SFxTK, UMVC3, and MvC2 3 weeks ago, along with a fightstick
i wanted to get back into fighting games, and i knew to buy a stick because when i was little, played mvc2 on a stick, and was actually half decent at it.
but now in these games its freaking terrible, im getting destroyed online on all 3.
SFxT is not that bad, since even i can do combos, and stuff like that(not tag combos only, people abuse the shit out of those online) but all the same i get destroyed everytime.
What am I doing wrong?


:eek: These are games people have been playing hardbody for months.

It’ll just take time to get into your own groove.


i know, but its so weird to me.
My best memory of me playing a fighting game was walking into a arcade with full blown adults looking down on me, played marvel 2 for the first time.
Obviously i got beat up.
But then after a week i caught up, and was doing pretty good myself.
I’m no the best at fighting games, but i enjoy them the most, win or lose, but when its just all losing there’s no fun.


By the sound of it, Capcom is killing your wallet. Seriously though, if you want to get better you should pick one game and practice at it. You can’t try to learn all 3 at once. I tried that with mk9 and ssf4 and it was pretty ugly.


I’d suggest reading the “You’re doing it wrong” thread. Despite it’s name, it’s actually a really good guide for beginners and outlines where most players go wrong. Since you’re starting out, it won’t be as hard to break those habits and improving will be a lot easier. Best of luck!

More than anything, best of luck sticking to only 2 characters. It’s bloody hard not to try to play as everyone. >.>

EDIT: one more thing.


Very poor purchases at very poor timing


THe only way to get better at fighting games is to keep playing them.

Unfortunately (or not so unfortunately, depending on your outlook), that will involve a lot of losing.

But, when you lose, try to take note of why you’re losing. What does your opponent keep doing that keeps hurting you? Okay then, now how do you stop that thing, whatever it is?

As hard as it sounds, you just have to not give a spit about losing.


It’ll definently take a long while to start winning again, but once you do, it feels oh so good. My advice, find characters you like, get a feel for them, if you like them enough study up on them, and take time to apply your strageties. Since all three are really team games, and unless you feel like going up against pros right away, you can get away with some pretty ballsy team combinations, unless it’s maybe MvC2.


Earlier this week I decided to drop MvC2 and UMvC3, since those were the worst, but still.
Also, I mean Cody on point and Lars as Anchor(Imagine how hard it is to study up on them)
I have read the "You’re doing it wrong thread"
Its pretty funny how right that guy was about people tagging in their anchors when they are recovering Health.
Btw about that shirt.


There are practically no beginners playing fighting games online.


lol wtf???

its mostly all beginners\average players online because high level fighting game play is simply too hard to consistently pull off over the net so most great players only play offline. Especially when the net code is prehistoric, umvc3, or when the game is too fast for online that it could never be ran properly which is the case for mvc2.

i’d say less than 1% of players online are actually of top player quality per fighting game. If fighting game developers ever get it through their heads that the net code is an important core element, you may see more top\world champions online.


Are you having trouble with the word ‘beginner’?


You kidding me? I bought SSF4 like 2 years after launch and still found people on my skill level. To this day, I still see beginners online. On any fighter period


no, I’m sure you do though

constant mashing, no matchup exp, constant bad moves or bad startegy, lag abuse, these are things beginners do and that shit is RAMPANT online


no arguments, please, just end it.


this thread is one of the biggest problems that i have in regards to the fgc. so many people expect to pick a game a instantly become a beast without any work whatsoever. so instead of learning from his losses like most everyone else and finding out how he can improve, he just says “Well this is too hard. Time to quit.” and does just that. no one expects to learn to play basketball one day and then start dominating pick up games the next but people seem to have this mentality towards fighting games. just because it’s a game doesn’t mean people don’t like to win and you won’t have to work to beat them. if all you want to do is play through arcade mode then fine do that, but if you want to actually become a serviceable player online then i would suggest you utilize the abundance of information of the internet and work to get better. people seem to want things to easy and be able to faceroll their way to victory. i blame sf4 and sfxt.


I guess the fools online that only use the roundhouse button and can’t even mash out uppercuts correctly are considered average then.


Ok so here’s my problem with the fgc, people who seem to assume that new players are not working to get their desired skill level. I believe this is becuase most fighting games came from arcades where in order to be acknowledged you had to earn your keep or gtfo, which is a understandable but still undesirable state of mind. I observe, i think and i watch and i read just like everyone has. also i dont think im going to give up on this game or the others anytime soon because i like to play these games because they are fun and when people like you decide they are so old school they can say that we dont work hard and we dont learn from our mistakes, becuase most of us do. im not going to lie and say that all new players hold my mentality of a person trying to get good at the game, since i agree with you partially, but do not generalize, its a bad habit. all i asked were some recommendations on what i should do better in order to better my game, or are we all just going to sit on our asses and complain about how newbies want it easy when the older generation is so stubborn.
Point is, applying stereotypes is an unhealthy habit, you should fix it.


^It probably has something to do with the fact that you dropped both iterations of Marvel after owning them for only 3 weeks. As much as i dislike Marvel, even I gave it a 3 month try before I called it quits. I enjoy street fighter much more.


i didnt necessarily deop them, i just tried to concentrate on one at a time.
i used to be half decent at marvel 2, which is why i picked it up in the first place, thought it would be fun, and it is, but i am better at sfxt than the other 2.