Capcom making "three huge announcements" at TGS

Not to get your panties all prematurely bunched, but I can’t deny that this doesn’t make my heart all a-quiver…

here’s what I anticipate

  1. We made a ton of money cause of Nintendo, so we rock!
  2. New RE or Megaman stuff
  3. Along the lines of 1 and 2

not at all excited quite yet, though, curious

dont get your hopes up

and theres a thread on this already :confused:

My bad. I never go into the general chat and didn’t think to check there till you just mentioned there was another one. I didn’t see one in here. Never mind…

Ohh, ohh, it’s gonna be Street Fighter IV! You just know it will r0xor b0xerz.

crickets chirp

Can’t wait! We get to see Sakura after her college years! She mawst be hawt!

Maybe Karin too.

Street Fighter IV Yun and Yang would be too pimp

I hope they can throw fireballs and teleport too. It’d be funny if Yun could activate Genei Jin in the air.

Probably be nothing to do with Street fighter, but who knows what capcom is up to nowadays.

Err… this is very surprising, but… Arcana Heart is now published by Capcom?

Lol maybe they’ll distribute the console version, much like they distribute Grand Theft Auto and Tomb Raider in Japan. GTA Vice City is up there too heh.

So that’s why Sabin became a mod. :looney:

Yo what’s that puppy dogs wearing dresses game about? :rofl:

Exactly, from all those past years where they’re gonna ‘announce something big omg’ it was totally some other shit. I mean I can’t blame them, it’s just cause we’re SRK doesn’t mean everytime we hear Capcom it’ll be fighters.

I’m more interested in seeing how different these 3 games could be from fighters haha.

Thats not funny sir, have you played competitively? If that happens, I quit :rolleyes:. Lol geinin jin in the air :wasted: RIP.

In the air :wasted:


Maybe in a cross-over game, but in a game that takes skills, probably not.

I already know what it is

Lost Planet 2
Dead rising 2
A new mega man game.

If its anything to do with fighting games, its more likely to be about Sengoku Basara X, than street fighter. Probably more likely that they will say something about “the new marvel vs capcom” slip up, lol


MvC2 is more skill based than 3s, and its not terribly close either.

I know, lets have another MvC2 versus 3S debate. Those are fruitful.

Nah, both those games are rubbish, lets debate about good games for a change.