Capcom might do this

Anyone watch ‘History’s strongest Disciple: Kenichi’ it is only a few episodes into its first arc, but half way through it is now sponsored by capcom. This anime is strictly fighting, could capcom do it, could they take a decent storyline and make a new fighting game, is their intent? i really don’t know, i just know i watch a lot of anime and never see capcom sponsor shit.

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i really have lost my touch with the fighting game community…dang. I’ll go back to lurking retirement again.

don’t worry about it, he probably just searched it to find out what it was and caught the game by chance.

btw the game is w/e it feels like DOA sorta

I sincerely hope Capcom isn’t only interested in stacking cash, because the DOA engine is a huge succes among Danish casual gamers (I personally hate the simplicity).
Guys that cannot even execute a DP, says :“I’m gonna get this game” - Capcom please stay true to your roots.

Combo video.

No this game is bad…

I played had people down here in MD/Va played it, all the same result, it sucks
IF u want me to go more into detail ill be glad too.

This game was a way for capcom to make some money prolly, thats why they sponsor it.

wasnt it outsourced to some other company and published my capcom (dimps maybe?)

Hey I’m only up to like episode 7 or so on Youtube. I didn’t know Capcom started sponsering the anime, that’s cool and I think the game is fun in a manga based fighter for new players kind of way. Thanks!

Yeah 8ing made the game (the creators of Bloody Roar, I think they are called Renderware or are part of Renderware now, it’s confusing) Capcom produced it and ‘possibly’ supervised the project but I’m not too sure about the supervision part, Sven of Capcom USA thought that is the case but he wasn’t too sure.

Oh and like I said in the other thread, there’s at least a few nods to SF in the game, or someone working on the game is a fan of SF. Here’s some pictures I took. This is the picture you unlock with Hermit if you pass Time Attack mode. Here he is with Honoka, Kenichi’s little sister. It’s a carbon copy of Ken’s ST ending pic where he is with Eliza.

Valkyrie’s Time attack pic is similar to Cammy’s ST ending pic in some ways too, as is the picture of her from the story mode, but not as much as the Hermit / Ken one IMHO, but make of it what you will. Both Cammy and Valkyrie like cats BTW. :smile:

Ya i wasted tim eunlocking crap too… I got the secret charcters in the game only to find they are incredibly broken.

The pics are kinda cool that u get but overall there isnt much replay valur to this game. The mingame thing was cool but only for about 30 minutes.

I hope u dont take this game to seriously sano.

Oh I don’t take it too seriously. Like I said, it’s fun for fighter for newbies but not for competition. There’s a few fighters out there that are like that I feel, but if I start mentioning them people will come along and say “No ____ game is DEEP” and what not, so no thanks. :rofl:

i hear ya, its just we ( and by that i mean alot of people near me who play fighters seriously) and couldnt believe how simple and easy it was to do the most advanced combo… Also gaining bar that fast (enough to do 3 to 4 supers in a match is dumb… Theres alot else to complain about the mechanics.

The opening was cool, the charcters u cant play as are cooler then the ones you can. The character design is goofy, like the girl with one leg, and the punching guy who has the voice actor of franky from one piece. The Unlocks arnt that bad actually but theres not much too getting them

The Guy (forget his name) who sings and says LALALA all the time is a laugh. When you win he sings but its really awkward and bad, like theres no tempo rofl.

I should make a joke review on this game and how awful ( and goofy) it is