CAPCOM mini cute panel build


Starting another build due to jasen. Damn you jasen for all the cool toys!

This one will be for the kids and the mini cute replica I plan on building for them. Teen Titans theme. SNES and Genesis dual mod pad hack. Incidentally, @"Jasen Hicks"‌ the JLFs and JLWs fit just fine. The Happs do not without modding.


Dang dude! Looks great already :-D… totally stealing this for my FB page!


If I can source a Japanese CP coin slot, I’ll hook up it up here too, pay for play, like I was saying. Maybe get a mech that accepts tokens and have an exchange system that works in my favour.


You need to figure out a way to mount that thing in something Fisher Price.


I think it’s my new favorite CP. I’d like to build a four player stick out of two of these for D&D and TMNT.


Of course they don’t. That’s a Japanese candy cab control panel. Those were never meant to accept America part like Happ (not that you should attempt to, doing so is just blasphemous).


Teen Titans!