Capcom Mini-Cute Restoration Project


What’s up everyone.

I’ve been busy these past few weeks doing some work on an arcade cabinet that I picked up from a fellow SRK member(Fubarduck). Thought I’d share some progress pics.

I know there are a few other arcade heads on here besides me, so I thought I’d post up a project I am doing right now. I posted these pics over at as well since they have a pretty big candy cabinet community over there as well.

I picked up a couple of arcade cabinets about a month ago in Austin. One was the Nintendo Red Tent and the other was a Capcom Mini Cute. These Mini-Cutes are pretty rare cabinets even in Japan and were mainly used for convenience stores to keep kids occupied.

When I got it, the cabinet was pretty badly banged up. It had rust spots all over the place, dings and all sorts of bent metal. The controls were GROSS. There was no sense in even trying to salvage them because they were caked with dirt, mold, rusty switches, skin cheese:wtf:

Here are some before pics…

I had taken it to 3 different body shops. One was WAY too expensive. The other 2 just didn’t wanna do it…claiming it was too much work and not worth the time/money to do it. So I got frustrated and decided to tackle it myself.

For a week I’ve been sanding my ass off to get all the body work done. I got all the dings out and went with a new color. The paint is still wet in these pics.

I did some work today while the sun was still out in force. I decided to keep the inner monitor area white, so I sanded down the inside to get rid of the pink overspray.

Now I don’t know what color to go with on the inner door that holds the PCB. I was thinking either satin white, or gumball purple

My cat has quickly claimed this as his new home:razz:

I’ve sent the metal internal parts to a shop to have them resurfaced, and I’ve started to have the decals remade.

Also, I am replacing the speakers with new 2 way Pioneer speakers.
Old speakers

New speakers

Also, for those of you who have one of these cabinets…I will be doing scale reproductions of the decals(minus the control panel overlay because mine was far too damaged)and I will be sharing them with whomever wants them!

I should be done by the middle of next week. Stay tuned for more progress pics!


Looks real nice. Good luck with that.


For the color of the inner door you should match it to the decal side art color. That might be cool. Also, what kind of paint did you use?


Good shit man. Cab is looking Mad Tight! I’ll pass by and see the progress today if I can pull my self away from T6. hehehe. I want one of the cabs for my daughter. Especially if it’s that pink.


Hell yeah, I’ve always wanted one of these. Please keep this updated. Subscribed!


damn that shiz is going to be sexy when it’s all fixed up. you gonna keep it 2p? seems like it’d be really hard for two grown ass men to play together.


Yeah, I am gonna keep it 2p.

I am a grown ass man and I am only 5’3 and my wife is 4’11

We are Hobbitses!! :razzy:

The hardest part to fix right now is the foot base panel. That part had crazy corrosion and bent metal!

It’s starting to rain again, so I may have to call it a day.

As for the color combo, I got my inspiration from my old hobby


Stripped it to bare metal with aircraft stripper, sanded all the rust out, filled whatever gouges were in the metal with bondo and sanded again. Then I used Rustoleum premium white primer then wet sanded it to a super smooth finish. The white undercoating before a bright color like this makes a huge difference.

Then for the topcoat I used Krylon Satin Pink(outdoor). It’s pretty damn nice because the finish comes out so smooth and needs little sanding. I went with satin because gloss tends to show more of the imperfections.

Once the paint is thoroughly dry I am gonna go over it again with fine grit sandpaper to make sure the finish is even and smooth.


Damn that is a grip of work. Thanks for the info. If your cab comes out anything like your bike it will be sick.


Nice! I wanted one of those. There was one for sale in Mass but I missed out on it.


Very cute indeed. Can’t wait to see it finished.


I have a GT Pro Performer 1987 but it’s not pink. Always wanted one though! Same for the Haro lol!

When the cab is done it’s gonna look like one big piece of candy:bgrin:


Shake that Laffy Taffy! That laffy Taffy!


Do adults have to play on their knees? Or will you put this on top of an Ikea Coffee Table or something?


absolutely amazing. The only thing that I thing needs to be changed is to have a bigger control panel. That seems a bit small for two people although I could be wrong.


Awesome find! Good luck with that project, and def have fun.


damm, it’s a shame to see those seimitsu get thrown to waste. but oh well, they must be ancient. What do plan on swapping it with?


Nice! Like the color of choice. Much better than the orginal. I need one of these to mach my Impress. Keep us updated.

Its funny how rotten those old speakers are. Its going to sound great with those pioneers.

Btw what game you going to put in it…please say super turbo!


Trust me, the Seimitsu gear in this cab is GONE. And by gone, I mean rusted and worn. Even the plastic parts are dry and crumbling. They’d make great paper weights tho!

Gonna go all Sanwa if I can. The cabinet came with terminal connections, and not a single connect harness. So I may go with a different Seimitsu stick. I have Seimitsu buttons on my Impress and I am not too crazy about them other than their cosmetic look(clears).

Nope. People can plan sitting down on stools, just like any other Japanese style cabinet.

Yeah, the CP is very small but remember these cabs were made for kids in mind. It’s more of a collectors item to me if anything.

Been had ST!!
I have my mind set on a chibi style game like Puzzle Fighter or Pocket Fighter. Or I may go retro and go with Final Fight. ST would be tough to play with a friend on there lol! Puzzle games and mashers, not so much.

The weather has been very humid lately so I can’t get started on the front door panel just yet but I already have it primered and ready for paint. I’ll post pics asap.


Whats up, see you posted it up. Good stuff