Capcom: MvC3 NEEDS 4-Player Support

It’s time for someone to push an envelope that hasn’t been nudged since Tekken Tag did it over 9 years ago. TvC would have been perfect for this (since it’s 2v2), but for whatever reason, it wasn’t included.

Please work 4-Player support (6-player regarding PS3?), into MvC3. I think the casual and competitive dynamics that are implied by a traditional, tag-team, multiplayer, 2D fighter are hard to deny.

The potential for this has been ignored for too long. Be the first out of the next-gen gate with this feature, and you’ll have a great selling point for MvC3.

Wait, you mean 4 people on one system at the same time?

In the same fight?

That’s a terrible idea. How are you supposed to coordinate your assists to fit into your combos?

4 controlled players on the screen at the same time? That’s crazy talk.

I don’t understand how this would work in any way. MVC3 is stated to be 3v3 combat.

How would it work in terms of tagging or DHC? Would the player sitting out be able to tag himself in?

This wouldn’t work at all in a versus game and I hope to god it never does.

You want marvel to become smash???
I dont think so son

It worked really well in MVC1 but Im not sure how it would fit into MVC2 or 3.

Smash avatar…:coffee:

one word. isuka.

Never fucking again.

I don’t want “Marvel to be Smash” . It wouldn’t even be close. Just because it’s 4 players doesn’t make it Smash.

When 3 or more players are involved, they can just reduce the team to 2v2. Assists would work just as they do now, but if you wanted to be successful with your team, you’d have to communicate and coordinate Assist usage more, as you’re actually risking your player controlled teammate’s health with thoughtless Assist usage.

Maybe, they could even change the nature of the Assist: a ‘Manual’ type Assist. When your teammate comes in, he only has 3-5 seconds to perform an attack of his choice, instead of a canned animation, before he’s yank out (or some derivative of the idea).

Really, I don’t see how this couldn’t work with minor tweaks to the current system. Not to mention, it would be a great sell for the casual audience and help the game become that much more popular, generally AND competitively - you all don’t REALLY want just MvC2 with new characters do you? Some worthwhile innovation is in order, I think, and I believe this would be a step in a fun new direction.

i’m betting online will have a cross fever mode similar to mvc1 were its 4 players and everyone gets 1 character. With the exception that since its 3v3 it’ll be 3 people to a team.

Hahaha, I could hear it now. “Call me in for an assist, let me body this fool for 5 seconds right quick.” But yeah I don’t think 4 controlled players at one time would be good at all, someone would definitely die in real life.

The fact that you’re even amused by the mere THOUGHT of some of the hijinks that would ensue shows how potentially fun it could be. Not only would it be a new layer for competitive players to explore (Marvel Team Tournaments anyone?) it could function as a way for players in general to let their hair down some. As is, the intimate nature of 1v1 fighting games makes it hard to play the games casually.

This would be a really, really fun mode. I don’t think it should be the “main” game, but it would be fun with 3 other like-minded people.

Dr. B needs two human players to fully control… his penis.


this game does not NEED it, but itd be a neat addition if they implemented it for a “party” mode offline only.

If you mean offline, then you can just pass the controller on when you tag or something… Same effect?

Marvel is too fast paced for this to work with passing controllers. Ideally, you’d want Teammates to be able to play off one another, which would help competitive team strategies to develop.

Just because this isn’t something Marvel players are used to, doesn’t mean it can’t taken seriously. If you simply use your imagination, you’d realize you’d be playing Marvel, but a completely different TYPE of Marvel - not necessarily something MORE or LESS complexed. DIFFERENT. You could essentially have two games in one - and two types of Marvel tournaments to look forward to. MORE gameplay for your dollar - MORE MARVEL, for your dollar.

Nah, that would take too long and would be tedious especially when you’re frequently doing assists. I can see it work online too, but it wouldn’t be ideal unless you’re with people on your friends list like any game with co-op.

this was in mvc1 which is after TTT known as party mode. No one used it. Stop posting terrible ideas.

mvc3 needs new player to just keep their mouth shut.

what is this, i don’t even

This reminds me of that simultaneous team battle mode on Mugen. It was a chaotic pile of broken shit and if it happens in MVC3 it will be same thing.

I don’t want that Mugen shit in MVC3.