30 games

25 losses
5 wins

My starting:

Battle Points: 0

Average player points against

2815 Battle Points
1563 Player points

*Cool tip number one capcom:
-Balence your games

*Cool tip number two capcom
-Dont have pros with hori sticks beating up people who opened the game 5 minutes ago in ranked mode.

Makes me LOVE COD even more, impossible to noob bash there

BRB not allowing people to see ranks before they enter into a ranked match YOU JOKE OF A company.

Disconnect ratio 70% and proud of it

I disconnected everyone with over 1000bp and over 500pp who shouldnt be playing someone with 0 points and I’m proud of it. Urge others to do the same normally disconnecting is not admirable but in a the situation Capcom put you in it IS admirable, I find not to many of them rejoin my game after the disconnect :). That’ll teach em.

I have disconnected 5 repeat opponents over 2000 player points now when I have 0, you make it miserable for me Capcom by not segregating the pros from the new and I take that feeling and bounce it back to my opponents by DCing them, justice.

Ya dig bro?

EDIT: 20 games and two people have been the same rank or within 300pp of me? IS THIS REAL LIFE CAPCOM?

I am moving on but as a casual this game is not fun, it’s no rewarding, its not anything. If I want to fiddle with a stick all day I will masterbate


In real life…player points mean jack shit.


put a 353 pp kid againsts a 4000 pp kid and ask people to bet who will win… i know ill be walking away with some cash.

its true that diago can turn on a 0pp account but at this point in the game its rare for you to find someone who hasn’t seen how far they can go with there pp.

and its pretty obvious when you see a kid with 4000 bp and 500 pp that hes a scrub… i don’t get this attitude on this forum that pp doesn’t matter, if i fight a kid with 4000 pp i know im going to fight a skilled player, no one can disagree with that.

and to OP, you came to late, the match making was fine at the start, but now its rare to find anyone below 500 pp, i would fight a 500 pp kid if u got lucky to find one… if you want scrubs then go back to SFIV, its got plenty.


The game just comes up with people it finds. There aren’t many people to choose from, because fighting games aren’t that popular, so you’re not going to have 1,000+ new players ready to play you whenever you search. This is the third iteration of SFIV, the people on arcade edition are mostly those who’ve played it for those 3 versions; you can’t be angry at Capcom because there are hardly any newer players on it.

So instead of blaming Capcom for it, try improving. When you do find people close to your level, add them and get some games in Endless with them.


Please, please go back to CoD.


Why would you want to play against people of your skill level? I just don’t understand. Are you looking for easy wins and to not improve? Why are you even on this site if you don’t want to get competitive?

"I am moving on but as a casual this game is not fun, it’s no rewarding…"
It is not fun when you are bad, but it is rewarding once you get good. But if you’re looking for a casual experience… lol wrong genre bud. Even MK requires basic match-up knowledge.


The problem is:

If you open a ranked match , you can´t determine the opponents you get.
If you do search for games though you can specify “Same Skill” which should result in people approximately the same PP (and yes, it works fine most of the time)

P.S.: Fight123, you are pretty damn stupid.


VS Fighting games may be for the casuals if you’ve got some friends of the same level or playing for the lulz.

If all you’ve got is online, set an infinite lobby with the tag “under 1000 PP”, or look at the PP of the people when joining infinite battles.

Avoid Ranking, you obviously don’t have the mental for it.




No, you don’t understand. He isn’t going to get “easy” wins playing against people of his own skill level; by definition, his opponents would be just as good as him. ATM, he probably isn’t getting any wins at all that aren’t down to pure luck. Nor is he going to be prevented from improving; if anything, as a casual, he’s more likely to improve when he’s given a reasonable challenge and allowed to pace himself than if he’s facing people so much better than him that he can’t do anything but act as a punchbag. He may as well just watch YouTube videos.

And why is that? In theory, it isn’t hard to learn the basics of a game like SF4 well enough to be able to have fun; it’s well within the reach of a casual. A competitive game only becomes inaccessible to casuals when said casuals can’t find anyone against whom they can have a competitive match.

BTW, OP, if you’re as new to the game as you make it sound, you’d do well to try to get friends/housemates/family members to play against you. You’ll either improve steadily and enjoy finding out new things, or you won’t improve at all but will have more fun than if you’d spent all your time getting pummelled online.


I had this same complaint until I ventured into ranked/custom/same level…then I got the progression I was looking for to a degree. When you’re new and carry 0/0 and they throw you to the lions, it’s hard to even learn from the onslaught you’re surely about to take. Also, if you’re fresh to the game, ranked/online matches shouldn’t be on your mind just yet…play the game, learn it, learn your character and the matchups with said character.


You’re from the Misc aren’t you OP?

Anyway I’m kind of experiencing the same… the “same skill” option only takes PP into account, which is kind of useless when your opponent picks a 5000 BP character against your 100 BP one. So you get bodied in 30 seconds flat, you don’t learn anything and your frustration only goes up as it happens again and again.


Strong misc presence in here. OP ure a scrub, negged.

EDIT : Play endless, if you find someone your skill, you can keep on playing him. Its not like you want to be #1 on the leaderboards anyway if ure playing casual, right?


This holds true and unfortunately I haven’t found a way around the BP system…but using that option has helped my progression out when compared to when I first hopped online and had my 0/0 going against people with mad numbers. More times than not it does equate to a loss, but I’ve
surprised a few people who might have initially overlooked me :stuck_out_tongue: Curious…what does the Misc comment mean??


Ranked Matches are supposed to be meant for competitive players. If you don’t want to fight people better than you, either get to training mode, don’t play Ranked, or play a different game. Seriously, if you’re just gonna quit when someone has higher points than you, you’re never gonna get better.


I could agree with this IF you could actually learn from these matches. You cant when you’re a beginner, you go in there and get stormed right off the bat…that teaches you nothing when all that you know is smashed within seconds. There is nothing wrong with progressing your skills which I feel that’s how people should try to improve…not just hop in with the sharks, see how they do, and end up getting demoralized. I’m the kind of person that does tend to hop into the deep end more times than not…but being able to level up by fighting people your level and slightly above is the way to go if you ask me. You can actually take things away from matches like that aside from, whoa…got spanked. Thats like throwing a MMA beginner in there with an actual legit UFC fighter. He’ll destroy you, as he should, but you really can’t take much from it other than…I clearly have no place in there with him. I’ve fought people with big point margins over me, and won, but it can be few and far between and I dont think people should be forced to go through it that way.


Thought this would be locked by now silly me.


I love pee pee`s…


My advice:

stick to Wii sports


OP opened the game 5 minutes ago and jumped on rank and expected to win? :rofl: what a dumbass