Capcom needs to remove this character from the game



Completely cheap, silly character that has nothing to do with SF. Get rid of Seth

Scrubquotes is back!

I feel like my execution has gotten better since I started jerkin’ it lefty. Anyone else had similar results?


Shut up scrub.

Yoooooooo! :rofl::wtf:


I’m loving this gif

but seriously



You know whats great is when someone makes a stupid topic and gets a few laughs from trolling it. Then some douche has to copy it just for attention. Oh, I don’t know… while asking for help in the forum for the character he’s “against”.

Failure of a copy.



You’re about 2 years too late to the party man.


He’s no Bison, that’s for sure.


Holy shit, SRK caught a case of the sillies recently.

Also, insert obligatory “Not Sure if Trolling, or just Stupid” pic here


maybe he means kill off seth killian


I don’t care that Seth is “Overpowered,” any playable characters have weaknesses and especially Seth. Stop complaining.


I could have sworn SRK was made before SF4 came out.


I’d also like the game better without seth & viper but I dont tell anybody because that makes me a scrub


If Seth’s teleport wasn’t ass, then maybe I would agree with some of these bitches.

I’d gladly go back to 750 life/650 stun just for the old teleport.


I don’t care about the back teleport, I just want them to make the forward teleport as good as it was.


I notice the recent likes on the post, the alerts lead me here.
Holy fuck, when the hell did I post that? I must’ve been high as fuck.


…hi part 2