Capcom on Blast, the Elephant in the FGC room


Socal Regionals is this weekend, and I’m excited. I was looking at the sponsors page, and I see all these companies, large and small supporting it. Except Capcom. The company that made the 2 biggest fighting games currently. There’s something wrong with this.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the FGC and “pro” leagues. UltraDavid and Tom Cannon have written excellent articles, vVv Gaming had a podcast with Spooky debating the issue. However a major point that is always brought up is the past mistakes that MLG has made with fighting games. They picked DOA, they supported Tekken 6 when it was on it’s way out already. They don’t have Capcom games. But the reason they don’t have Capcom games is because Capcom doesn’t allow them to have a licensing deal. Namco does. I’m sure MLG wanted Street Fighter, but Capcom has to allow them to do that. We as a community should tell Capcom to support with bigger events. UltraDavid did bring it up, Blizzard supports Starcraft, why doesn’t Capcom support it’s own games?

Am I wrong on this? Thoughts?


Because Capcom does not make games for competitive play. Tournaments are just free promotion to them. When they make a game they think about how fun it will be for your average online scrub, not for the offline tournament player.
Just like how people liked the early premise of SFxT, and then Capcom reminded them who the target audience is and poured shit sauce all over the game.
When you are in a position where you can do whatever you want and still win it all, why bother with some hardcore players’ needs? They’ll play your game like little bitches anyway, as proven so far.

I hope that answers your question.


I agree wholeheartedly with Tataki.
Capcom understands what these major tournaments offer their franchises, but is very likely targeting the broader casual audience of gamers.


If that’s true, you can’t fault MLG for using DOA or Tekken then


That’s a different issue.
You see, DOA(4) is a bad game with no competitive scene, but all those esports events chose it because they only considered “pretty” games.
It “looks” better than playing an “old 2D” game so they wouldn’t even consider better games with bigger scenes at the time.
(Either that or that Microsoft sponsored it and they get to choose the games, and DOA4 being a big 360 exclusive title takes the cake.)

Otherwise I see absolutely no reason to pick DOA for your event.


Who cares? We’ve gotten this far without them, they’ll come around when they feel like it.

Check out the topic with all the fighting games to come out during those 10 years. There was a lot of choices that weren’t DoA


Capcom’s target audience isnt random scrubs.

If it was we’d have a true “Sakurai effect” where Melee, a very competitive game by accident was stripped of all its competitive features and is now targeted at casual gamers and marketed in a manner similar to games such as Mario Party.

If Capcom really didnt care about the tournament scene, they wouldnt have ANY qcf/dp/hcb motion etc. special moves (as casuals cant perform them consistantly) and would have many more random factors and more immersive single player experiences. they also wouldnt have done so many versions and balance changes to their new games. The reason they nerfed Sentinel and Yun/Yang is because people cried about. Scrubs? Probably. Scrubs that have no idea what they’re doing and mashing buttons like its Brawl or a random 3D fighter? Probably not as they wouldnt even be able to tell who is or isnt balanced or not (They’d think Ryu or Morrigan is overpowered cause they’d be zoned out the whole game)

(pardon me from mentioning smash bros. I know its a bit…“Tabuu” around here)


So what you’re saying is their audience SHOULD be random scrubs?


The problem with Capcom is that CapUSA is held back by CapJP. I’m pretty sure that Capcom USA would love to be more active and support the community more, however Capcom Japan, at best doesn’t really seem to understand (or at worst, doesn’t give a shit).


What do you expect out of this thread? Don’t you think there are tons of smarter, more well connected people than you who have been trying to get Capcom sponsorship/support for several years already?


But it’s the internet!!!

Can’t blame em, I mean with all these articles and podcasts debates, people tend to think they writing something on the internet is going to matter to capcom.


One small issue with that statement is Melee was never made for competition, it was made for regular gamers, it just sp happened to have a few depth adding physics glitches.


No you see-

The design of SF4 has one main goal- To cater to the nostalgia that casuals have for the good ole’ days SF2, while avoiding reminding them of how much they sucked at it and all the ‘cheap’ tactics they lost to.
That’s why of course it will still have special move motions, but they’ll make sure to do some changes so that even the worst player can mash DP and ultra easily.
That’s also why they’ll make it “like SF2” but give you a million new braindead tools against fireballs, to nullify them, and make throws worse etc. etc. etc.


Huh? The way you quoted my post is very confusing.

All I’m saying is Capcom’s target audience seems to be the average online gamer and offline tournament go-er. Not casuals who dont want to get better, and not so much Daigo/Valle type players, either.

Yeah, I said it was accidently competitive. But once Sakurai saw that he decided to go ahead and make the next iteration as “casual” as possible.


I thought Capcom at least put some money into the event. Damn, that is kinda messed up and it’s kinda sad that the smaller guys and less known companies put money into the pots even though they get far less recognition.


Wait there are scrub levels? Like Super Saiyan Scrub level one, Ascended Super Saiyan Scrub and Super Saiyan Scrub level 3?

This is news to me!


suffice to say, the former is an industry leader and the latter is a nickle and dime organization.



I can’t see anything changing unless Capcom continues to make monumental fuckups :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh… glad we cleared that up.


Doesnt help that the casual demographic cant play this game for real and have fun. If my little sibling or my friends that dont play video games a lot (or fighters, at least) want to play something they dont want to play SFIV. Its way too complicated and takes too much practice to have fun with. Theyd much rather play Smash Bros or a 3D fighter like Tekken/Soul Calibur. and this demographic of players are the same ones buying arcade shooters making tons and tons of money like Call of Duty. So Capcom should either move their focus more to the hardcore, or just sell out because now they are at a sort of middle ground that neither side fully enjoys.