Capcom online game center (don't get your hopes up in case it's nothing/sucks)

Saw this on another forum.

"This is the new Capcom project: Capcom Game Center, an online Arcade system that you can “play 20 Capcom Arcade classic on Internet”, the platform isnt confirmed but its seems that its PC… Third Strike is on the list.

I guess that, if this is true, there will be some type of “Japanese online” service, but what the hell… THIRD STRIKE.

More info soon…"


that sounds pretty cool, it looks like they have one vampire game there too too bad i don’t know what it is :frowning:

3rd Strike…? Wow.

Btw, that Vampire game looks like either Darkstalkers or Night Warriors. I’m not too sure since i don’t play the Vampire games.

Shots from all the Darkstalkers games are there, including the “Savior 2” revision(s).

fuckin vampire savior and third strike.

i’m sold!
let’s just hope it has poporu alien netcode.

Third Strike on my fucking computer?!?

Well, it looks like I’m going to worship the Capcom Gods once again. >_>

wow, this is awesome. can’t wait!

A must own if they do what i hope they do.

I will never leave my house again if this has Poporu netcode.

fuck 3rd strike, I want ST and A3.

Here is the trailer from TGS (Sept. 2006):

Here is the press release blurb from TGS run through a translator:

“First first, arcade title of 20 titles or more which color the history of [kapukon], on Internet game center (Gamecenter=Ga-cen) it reaches the point where it can enjoy in feeling ‘the [gesen] dot COM’. Online opposition and one person play being possible, this winter beta service it is schedule of start. By the way URL Presently, only simple explanation it is prepared, but even then you can obtain interesting information. Perhaps, the picture and the character etc of the work which is thought that it joins to line-up, are published, ‘the street fighter II’ series and ‘demon boundary village’ etc seem like candidacy. According to Ono, making use of DALETTO, that please come to meeting in the strong prayer, is. It is the point of DALETTO, because also the community to make this ‘[gesen] dot COM’, it is applicable of course, because it is manufacturer official recognition, even very the [ri] isn’t probably to rise?”

French news blurb about the game run through a translator:

“After the success of Street Fighter 2 on XBOX Live Arcade, Capcom seems to have understood that the recycling of its old titles is not a bad idea. Announced for PC at the time of the living room Tokyo Game Show, Ga-Cen (abbreviation of Game Center) is a new service which will be available through Internet as from October and which will only propose a score of titles resulting from the retro catalogue of Capcom playable or with several on line. With the program, the fans of the studio will recognize titles like Trojan, Vampire Savior, Side ARM, Forgotten World, SonSon, Mercs, Rockman X, Makaimura, Street Fighter 2 ', 1942 and even Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. One does not know by which means the plays will be placed at the disposal of the players and if there is a system of grading but the advertisement east sleep and already exciting.”


They should put warzard on this so i can finally fucking play it.

MVC2 online, would be worth it.

Plus there is a chance we could get others like Red Earth, and Jojo’s Bizarre adventure.

Yeah! That would be great.

I wonder how much it would cost.

If they get good netcode, this will be almost perfect.

VAMPIRE SAVIOUR!!! Im fuckin sold! And they showed ken parrying chun’s SA2 Lolz.

exciting, expect the competition to get better if online play gets widely available

Now I have a valid reason to learn Japanese.