Capcom Open to Rival Schools, Power Stone Downloads in Future

Capcom Open to Rival Schools, Power Stone Downloads in Future

Over on Capcom’s forums, a user asked about the possibility of Capcom following Namco’s lead and releasing downloadable versions of Dreamcast/arcade fighting game classics such as Power Stone and Project Justice: Rival Schools II on services such as Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store.

At the moment, according to Capcom’s Community Specialist “Lost,” they have their hands full with downloads such as 1942: Joint Strike, Plunder, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Commando 3, and of course, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix… but after that?

“Those games would admittedly be very awesome if ported. Let’s see what happens after we’re done with out current awesome crop of Digital Titles in the pipeline,” he says.

It’s no confirmation, but certainly no denial, either.


this is always good to hear cause if there’s one company that knows how to do remakes it’s capcom. puzzle fighter, ST:HD and i don’t think anybody could have expected them to go as far as they’re going with bionic commando.

If you can play Rival Schools and Power Stone online with other people, hell yeah I’ll buy it. If not, I won’t bother. Power Stone Online would make me play Brawl alot less.

Sweet, I admit I never had the chance to play project justice on a competitive level but it sure would be nice to try out.

YARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (Sorry I’m quite excited). I hope online versus and co-op play is available (co-op for Power stone).

oh man rival schools

footsies till someone lands a jab, i love it

Capcom, make this happen.

power stone has a lot of item collection stuff to mess about with, being able to trade stuff online would be amazing. and hopefully this will open up the possibility of power stone 3

Sounds good to me. For Project Justice at least.

If I can somehow get an online-enabled Project Justice on my PSP via this idea, I’ll need to change my pants…

anything concerning darkstalkers would be nice too

hope they can offer japanese version of PJ , minigames and character edit XD FTW !

I’d be on both these games so fast.

Me too. :tup:

But what I really want is a Rival Schools 3 using the SF4 graphic style.

what would happen if you couldnt land a combo from a tardy cancel from a jab?

can be done , and they better renew their gameplay system .

Good point about the school life mode. I hope they use the JP version, too.

rival schools blows hard but power stone w/ online play would be tight

JP version as far as th extra modes, while keeping the original US text and menus intact. Damn this would be cool. I just dusted off the old dc this morning and played a few games of PJ, and now i see this thread. It would also rock if they added a character or two from Project Justice in SFIV, or one of its iterations.

They could have added Kyosuke from Rival Schools to be in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max for the PSP [where it has no space limitations] but decided to port Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Allstars of all things into that game. No Rival Schools characters will be making appearances in Street Fighter at anytime soon. The game isn’t even related to the Street Fighter universe, and the creator of the Rival Schools series would like to keep it that way [unless they randomly want to piss him off]