Capcom or Cable

Trying to get a team together. And it all comes down to Capcom or Cable.

Thanks for any help that you give.
Also if u have a good team that involves them I would like it :slight_smile:

Depends on the other 2 characters and their assist type. We need more info.

As far as teams involving CapCom and Cable, CapCom is mostly used as an assist (though my friend as an evil rushdown Commado:confused: ) and Cable is best used as a meter burner. some popular teams are Sent/meter burner/CapCom and battery character/Cable/Anti Air assist(ie Cyclops).

how about this? u take ur battery, put him/her first. take cable, put him second, and put capcom third? great team…

example… storm/cable/capcom = good tourny team.

No idea now i’m stuck between a couple of things in my team.

Psylock or Storm
Capcom or cable
Sentinel or Magnito


how about…


all very very very good teams.

hrm sounds good.
Also i was wondering whats a good team that uses strider.

Strider/doom/sent ???

Yeah thats the most common S/D team. Its pretty good to have Strider/battery/Doom, since Strider eats up that bar really fast. I can see storm in there possibly.

And if you’re really adamant about Cable and Capcom still, you could just go for Sent/Cable/Capcom (aka Team Scrub) which is a very powerful team.

thanks all :smiley:

that’s clockwork

my team, MSS has evil resets. Well I wont share all of my specific resets, but with storm I usually do magneto style resets. and a question, can you do the jose garcia part of the reset where you airdash downforward to other side lk into whatever with storm?storm

Team Clockwork - Sent/Strider/Doom in that order, so that you have your battery first…for the meter hog (strider). who is gun try n use a meter hog doom?

The teams you listed are good. The two best imo.

Sentinel/Strider/Doom and Storm/Strider/Doom. Storm and Sentinel serve as battery for strider.

yo how about strider/storm/doom ???

Also I was wondering is silver samurai worth playing? I dont understand why no one uses him… Thx


Storm/Strider/Doom seems like a GREAT team to me, and I don’t know why more people don’t use it. Storm can easily run away and build meter, and there’s nothing the opponent can do about it. It’s all a matter of patience. Try the team out with Storm first, and choose her variety assist (the vertical typhoon, I think). Build 2+ meters, call doom, Hailstorm, and DHC into ouroboros.

Silver Samurai is a decent character, but only for casual play. I think he sucks on point if he doesn’t have any meter. When he does have meter though, he’s an “assist killa.” His lightning super does pretty nice damage, especially if you hit the assist. I think it has a chance of resetting against the assist if he is mid range when you land the super. It’s also (generally) unpunashable, too. I would play Battery/SS/AAA. Probably Storm or Sent, SS, and Cyclops.

thanks. I recently saw people use samuari and do very well and one actually one the tournament with him in it. Anyways, it seems that no one uses gambit or Iceman either. Iceman has a crap load of chip damage and gambit well you know, is gambit.

Who Dat Wondering about Silver Samurai

Silver Samurai iz a pimp. If you dont understand him i can help. I’ve been playing him for a while. I beat some good players with him but i wont say its something i can do over and over. But if youre like me and you like a character on MVC2 thats not top tier. You make it happen. ps Thats the BLACK SS im talking about :slight_smile:

i think sent/strider/doom is better than storm/strider/doom because storm doesn’t do great damage without meter (though yes shes good at building it) and her assist is ass compared to sent’s ground assist which is too good for that team

Pretty easy reasons why Storm/Strider/Doom isn’t as good as Sentinel/Strider/Doom.

  1. Storm without Sentinel behind her makes a lousy starting char.

  2. Storm with no AAA has horrific Sentinel issues.

About two years ago I used to try doing Doom/Strider/Storm where Doom would battery for Strider, DHC to Strider to chip, and then Storm would come in either when Strider died or when Strider DHCs to hail so she can run. It worked pretty well until rushdown and Sentinel became so prevalent in the game.

Nah I used to see Jwong and some other people use strider/storm/doom Worked pretty well. Also seen some people go strider/cable/doom not too shabby either.