Capcom over-flooding the market?

SSF4, SFxT, 3rd strike, darkstalkers? mvc2, mvc3, Hd remix… then you think about all the other fighitng games, BB, the new mortal kombat etc. This is all going to backfire imo. The market is being over-flooded, and that might put people off investing money into the genre. As the games will be going in and then out of fashion with in a few months. I don’t even know which game to play atm. I spent two years on GGPO playing third strike. Then started on SSF4 when it was released. And now I’m thinking of going back to GGPO until 3S:O comes out.

I want to put some time into MK9 and MvC3 but I know I won’t have the time for them with SSF4/3S. The player base is going to be thinned out. And almost makes you wonder if it’s worth putting the months of time into learning these games when something new comes out the next year. what do you all think? Too much too soon or are they doing the right thing?

If fight-games explode like FPS-games, I wouldn’t mind.

SSF4, MvC2 (online), and SF2HDR (online) have all already been released. SFxT, 3S and MvC3 aren’t due until a good time from now. A new DS game was never confirmed.

Not sure what you’re complaining about, or would you rather go back to how it was a couple of years ago where we would be lucky to get a single good fighting game come out for the year. I’d much rather be in the situation we are in now then we were previously.

None of that made any sense. If anything, what they’re doing is smart and gives them the best chance of keeping the fighting genre going strong.

this. I think it’ll only create interest. I’m being hypocritical though, because I never knew how to get into FPSs since there are so many out there.

Nah, the market will be fine. I mean, they had MvC2, CvS2, 3S, and A3 kicking around at one point. Choice is good.

This, FPS had their turn, I’d like to see more people interested in fighting games instead of calling them stupid and a waste of money, and my favorite “they’re all the same” (which is ironic coming from someone who plays FPS).

Some games are going to be treated differently than others. Some are just for fun while others will be scene at big tournaments like Evo, Seasons Beatings, Devastation, etc.

I’m really curious what will happen to games like HDR down the road though.

We were starving for years, now we are getting plenty of options.
More is better, as long as it is quality not like early 90’s Clayfighter and the rest of the console fighters, although I liked Clayfighter. LOL

HDR will die. Long live ST.

Seriously though, the more the better. Even if the newer games suck. I would rather not play the games because I don’t like them rather than not playing them because I don’t have the option to.

Karnov came during the fighting game era. Can’t hate on that.

SSFIV - Released already, DLC additions only.
MvC2 - Released already.
Darkstalkers - Not happening yet.
HD Remix - Released already.
MK - 2011
KoFXIII - 2011
3S Online - downloadable so in a different category from most of the others. Likely later into 2011.
MvC3 - 2011
SFxTK and TKxSF - 2012
BB - Who cares?

Seems spread out release-wise and varied enough in style to me.

Not to mention, whoever is so casual with fighting games that they would not buy them due to “market over-saturation” or whatever likely only plays SSFIV and would only buy MvC3 and SFxTK anyway.

I think they’re spacing them out well

Unline when activision flooded the market with guitar peripheral games. They didn’t space those out at all

you do realize that most fps games coming out nowadays are absolute crap. i am not saying most of these fighting games will be bad, but i really hope it doesn’t go down that road. the FPS genre went from fast paced shooters like quake and ut, then it went to CS:S and then to halo. from halo and then on there have been only a few great games. Halo2 ushered in crappy gameplay mechanics (regenerating shield/health) and basically every shooter after that has emulated. there is no more skill involved in modern shooters, only flashy graphics (like in crysis) or gameplay gimmicks (like perks, airstrikes, items and things that are out of a players control) that take away from the skills needed for shooters. STALKER, ut2k4, arma2, swat4 and tf2 are most of the few amazing games that have come out in the past decade, despite the fact that an extreme amount of shooters have come out in this time period. fighters probably arent going to go down this road because unlike shooters, it can be hard to transition from game to game unless they are dumbed down severely and most fighting game fans wouldn’t allow that.


Huh? WTF is a “Karnov”?

QFT At first this did seem like a lot of fighting games in a small amount of time but looking further into it, theyre spaced pretty well.

Well from Capcom’s (and Namcos) PoV it’s lucrative. It pleases 3S players who’ve been nagging like forever (no offense), newcomers (whom I don’t think will be that interested in 3S) can get to know Tekken and SF in both playstyles or Tekken players can get to know SF and vise versa.
So I think from their perspective it’s no problem.
I on the other hand would like something new from Capcom.
Not another vs game or a new DS (although that would be cool), but I’d really prefer something new. Like ASW with BB.

I am.

Aka. Fighter’s History


The sequel lol


Newcomer, yet you play SSFIV?
Obviously I was talking about preference (new vs old), and I assume Capcom also wants to target old time players with 3s.
But if newcomers buy SSFIV and S3 then my point still stands: It’s lucrative for Capcom.