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This will be an on going petition. new ideas, reasons and sources will be continually added. Feel free to email things that you would like added.

Spread the word and help fight against Capcoms current business tactics.

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This is written like a whiny child imo.

I’ll give OP credit for setting the signature goal for 100, at least he’s being somewhat realistic

but unfortunately not realistic enough to realize internet petitions don’t achieve anything

How much thought did you put into this? Just wondering.

It’s not only Capcom, everyone is doing this to a degree as well. Nintendo banks heavily on their older games, many of their recent games have become incredibly silly, and their only grip on the older players is nostalgia. With games becoming more expensive to make and the gaming community becoming more demanding than ever, it’s hard not to resort to these business tactics. They are cruel, but they are not without reason. Don’t get me started on EA.

“Economic Justice” … lol.

Too whiny for my tastes, not enough substance. Too much emphasis on MML3, which given the title of the petition, shouldn’t really be relevant at all.

Online petitions never work. Online play for consoles in general suck.
All companies pull these shady business practices, only difference is Capcom just takes it up one notch.

i have been rolling it around in my head for sometime. yes, other companies may also support such business tactics. you wont hear any argument from me on that point, but capcom plays the biggest role in the fighting game community and such has the biggest hand in its development or destruction.

its a rough petition with more content/ substance to be added and as far as mml3 is concerned its relevant as proof of capcoms poor business actions.

Just because everyone does it, does that make it right? capcom’s taking it up a ‘notch,’ is the reason they are target for this petition.

This isn’t going to work. You’ll never get enough signatures to effect the bottom line. You wanna effect Capcom? Stop buying their shit. Vote with your wallet, not with a piece of paper with half hearted promises on them. 99% of the people who sign that shit aren’t going to stop buying their games cuz they signed a petition. You gotta stand up, and convince people to vote with their wallets. The only thing Capcom listens to is your money.

i agree with most of what your saying, but the petition will help spread the word!

No it wont. No one listens to an online petition. As my man Bulldancer put it. You want someone to take your petition seriously, put a stamp on it and send it to your congressman, with names you got in person. You wanna make it as personal as possible. it would be better to start a web group with a printable version of a petition and encourage the people who join your group to take it to their nerd meetings, D&D games, Warmhammer gatherings and Game Stop stores and get people to sign that shit and send it off. An online petition is just a waste of your time, Trust me on this.

Dude, Capcom is a japanese-run company that answers to japanese shareholders. You have absolutely no clue how that market works.

You’d have a better chance of your petition reaching them if you printed it out tied it to a brick and threw it out of your window.

this is a petition thats signed online and then printed up and physically mailed.

Capcom stop making games that we all buy!!! UNFAIR!!
dont get me wrong i love the games and everything but…Ive got the answer!
A petition!

buying their games used would not support their business actions

where is the conviction?
just go cold turkey

Yea and they’re not gonna pay attention to that shit.

I’m not gonna say I 100% agree with what they do but they always answer the fans’ questions. They cancelled the Mega Man projects because the 3DS wasn’t looking so hot and the Legacy/anniversary game was broken as hell based on previews. They’re a business, not a charity. Am I pissed about the Mega Man games? Hell yeah! I love Mega Man. People got pissed about Ultimate. Why? It came too soon? It was a new disc? Oh boo hoo we got an expansion for dirt cheap on a brand new disc. I do wish they gave the meta-game for vanilla more time but when people asked they answered, with MANY valid reasons. People also say there’s a billion versions of SFIV. BULLSHIT. We had vanilla then one year later we had super, about a year after? AE expansion. After that? A patch. A free patch. Yeah. They SCREWED me. They take way too much crap. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. It really is that simple. This petition? C’mon man… Even if I agreed I wouldn’t sign that.

I believe a boycot named as a boycot would be a lot more effective than a petition, just stopping buying their **** (or at least stopping buying it new) and encouraging others to do the same is bound to be much more effective than a bunch of guys buying the games new anyway sending over complaints with one hand whilst handing over their money with the other.

Also, why is on disk DLC, and the whole Resi save thing at the bottom of the list below inanae shit like Yun and Yang, balance is something which can slip through anyone’s net and was updated via a free patch, whilst the other 2 are the dirty practices which should have more attention drawn to them.

we are encouraging people to buy used and not buy any of their dlc, its listed in the petition. the list is randomly numbered and a continued work of progress.