Capcom, please don't obstruct my view of the screen

I haven’t seen this mentioned before… am I the only one annoyed by this?

When a round starts, at the moment that the words “Round 1 Fight” or whatever disappear, there’s a white flash which momentarily covers the entire screen, and prevents you from reacting to whatever is happening. For some reason characters are actually able to start moving earlier than this. I find it really distracting, and if my opponent jumps at the exact moment of the flash, I find it hard to dp or whatever.

Green hand > SPD before FIGHT leaves the screen. Pr0.

yeah i wondered why nobody said something before, too!

i play dhalsim and it is fun to get my first hit even before the screen signs are gone :smiley:

capcom is just stupid

Let me just note, that while it’s annoying that characters can move while the “Round 1 Fight” is on the screen, you can still basically see what they’re doing. The thing that really drives me nuts is the white flash which appears when the words leave, which literally covers the entire screen. Urgh.

It annoys me too. I’d prefer if it just faded away or disappeared instead of it covering the entire screen for the first second of the match.

YES! I AM NOT ALONE. As pointless as this complaint is, because it won’t change anything, I have severe eye strain after playing SFxT exactly because of these white screen flashes.

That’s right - flashES!

If you play SFxT in a dimly lit room, you’ll notice that the entire room flashes like a flare has been set off. These flashes are included in supers, specials, the beginning of the round, and even some throws. After playing for 1 hours my eyes are burning.

yep. annoying as shit.

+1 for capcom doing dumb shit. that fight at the start is MAD ANNOYING.


Anyone else getting headaches? Everything in this game flashes like shit, from the opening of a round to glowing gems.

oh man… all this time i thought my timing was off or something. so i’d make myself wait til after Fight disappeared, but then my opponent was already in the air

Wow I thought it was just me.

It’s just another thing they’ve put into the game to discourage competitive play and make the game more “random” and “fun”. It’s the same thing with the lifebars and meter bars in UMvC3, if you can’t see them it’s more fun for the casuals!

/Scumbag FG conspiracy theory

Look at what this game is doing. People think there are aliens now.


Don’t worry people it was just two friends playing SfXT.

Yeah this shit is super annoying, really REALLY makes me wonder how much this game was tested internally. Seems common sense would not allow this to be in a finished fighting game.

you kids must have never played Alpha3… when every Counter Hit was flashing the WHOLE screen white, it was seizure inducing… and threw off even the attacker instead of give him a cue

Yea I was thinking of that too. That shit was a flash-bang to the face!