Capcom, please fix those whiffing cl lp

All is in the title.

Are we even sure they’re aware of it?

They probably know and don’t care, same deal with other bugs/issues not addressed.

Fun fact: there is a range where both close lp and close lk will whiff, lol

I thought that was just part of cl lp? A lot of characters cl lp whiff on crouching characters

no this is a huge problem…often times im at a range where i should get far lp and i get cl.lp which results in me getting hit for no reason

maybe this is capcom’s way of telling cammy players to use other buttons >.<

are we talking about crouching or standing jabs? cause a lot of chars besides cammy whiff s.lp on crouching chars. But I’ve been fine with hitting most crouching characters with cammy’s close standing lp. I’m having issues with the crouching lp. Now that move whiffs more for me.

He is reffering to the the 2 different animations
-far standing LP
-close standing LP

Alot of times you’ll be doing your block string chain and instead of getting a Far standing LP (THAT WILL HIT) you get a close standing LP instead and it whiffs and you eat random SRK.

I actually would like cl lp removed and far lp to have the same frames as the.close

No, that isn’t what he’s talking about.

In AE, the recovery frames of light punches were shortened, but the window when you can link two punches together was not, which means that if you want to do two light punches one after the other then you have to do a two-frame link. No other character in the game is required to do this.