Capcom Power Stick / LS-40 mounting question

Here’s the deal. My brother wants me to mod his old Capcom Power Stick. As some may know, there is a difference between the Japanese market sticks and the American market sticks (or maybe it’s an early production / late production thing, not sure). While some had a Sanwa JLW installed, the one I have has a LS-40 clone installed (and a microswitch version to boot!). The joystick mounting is what’s throwing me off. The screws come from the bottom of the CPS case and screw to the underside of the LS-40 clone. There are molded holes on the bottom of the case to allow access to the mounting screws.

Now, I’m not a big fan of this stick. I can’t seem to find another gate for this thing, as my brother doesn’t want a square gate. The spring is one of the wimpiest things I’ve seen. The easy thing would be to simply swap the spring and either get used to the corners or try to dremel the stock gate round like the JLF mod I’ve done before. That said, if I DID want to moount another stick, does Seimitsu have anything in it’s stable that would mount up the same way? I know the JLW won’t work, as the screw holes are spaced differently. The only other alternative would involve drilling new holes and dremeling the inside of the case, neither of which I really want to do right now.