Capcom read this

Ok, I don’t get involved on the forums much, I’m not even going to complain about the online because obviously there is nothing they can do about that, but fuck this game is so garbage. How these people can claim this is going to be the best console version is appalling. After seeing the new patch, just had enough of these faggots. Every time I think of Derek Neal’s dumb face, I just want him to understand how much of a moron he is, but that is like trying to explain differential equations to a 4 year old.

Without even having to say, I don’t even play online, my Xbox live expired and I haven’t renewed it, there is no point, I have more fun playing training mode than a bunch of 8 year old kids with down syndrome, I’ll leave those to JR Rodriguez.

I play this game only for training mode, and they can’t even get that right. There is no option to turn the training dummy to human, wtf? Every game has that. Even the Dreamcast version has that option. Changing the rounds obviously don’t work in the menus. And now parry training is all fucked up after this last patch. You can no longer reset state and now if you turn auto parrying on, it makes the character you are controlling to parry practice do auto parrying. Are you fucking kidding me?

Not only does a bunch of crazy shit happen in games that I can’t even begin to explain, but these Capcom idiots can’t even get the basic options of the game right. Can’t change rounds?? I mean seriously, I’ve seen the complaints about win streaks online, that obviously hasn’t been fixed, wtf are they patching? It is really sad how halfed ass this game is, especially considering all they had to do was get the menus right, since there was no work needed to be done in the game.

I don’t know how Capcom hires people to make games or work on these projects, but these people obviously don’t know anything, don’t test anything, don’t pay any attention to details. It is really sad for all the people that looked forward to this game and bought consoles just to play it only for it to be such a disaster. Did I have high expectations? No, of course not. Did I at least expect it to be better than the PS2 version? Yes.

Yet, these guys also have the audacity to sell match packs from a tourney played on laggy monitors. I mean, I was invited to this event and trust me, as soon as I found out that there was laggy monitors used by people at Capcom, the ones that made this game, I already knew this game was going to suck. I mean if you are the staff making this game and you play on laggy monitors and not notice a difference, lol, you must know nothing about the game at all.

It is sad how they found a way to butcher this classic game and found ways to make money off of those that truly expected a decent product.

Question: Why not play the emulated version on MAME? Is there really a big difference between it and the Arcade version? Is there some unwritten rule to not play on emulation?

Pretty much.

The only thing I was really excited for was better speed than PS2 port and (possibly) an enhanced training mode. At least the speed feels better though it still feels different in some weird ways I can’t objectively explain.
TOO BAD SO SAD. :expressionless:

Emulation is hella faster. Even using nebula it’s hella faster. I played on emulation for a long time instead of PS2 before playing on a cab. Same day I first played on cab and then played emu, emu felt like 2x speed ridiculous shit. Alex’s elbow slash looks hilarious on emu vs cps3. ZOOM!

That’s just how it is and is going to be with future capcom games. Unless we stick it to them hard that is. I don’t think anyone from capcom will read this post and even if they do they will probably just ignore it.

Since you are a well known player why not try to send this stuff to Derek Neal or capcom support or better yet spread these complaints as much as you can. Seriously if we can get enough people together to spread these things we can get stuff done its just that no one thinks that this can work. But it will work because bad publicity hurts them where it hurts the most (their wallets).

And maybe they can deliver what they promised in the first place with this game. It’s really sad and unprofessional that they have lied to us time and time again.

Edit: You will also be a guest at the Dr.Sub Zero show which is listened by millions of 3s fans around the world tell them how it is on the show too.

Them fixing the game is very unlikely at this point. Best we could hope is (A) they release a PC version and the community hacks the shit out of it to make it arcade perfect and improve netcode or (B) It’s added back to GGPO 2 or another emulator comes along like Mamehub that improves netplay.

*It’s funny, I never noticed the game running faster on emulation and I’ve checked out the Arcade version and played the DC version. I don’t feel any kind of difference between them. And if you honestly think the emulated version is faster it is possible to slow it down on MAME.

Well you can turn the dummy to human now, it was added in yesterday’s patch(at least on 360 I can confirm for sure).

They should be ashamed of themselves for this version (or proud for ripping people off). I voted with my wallet by purchasing $15 worth of parts for my friend’s cab, instead.

The only good thing about this port was that you could play online and the damage was closer to arcade. I had high hopes, but then I heard “Iron Galaxy” was the production company behind this. If you go to their website, you can see they have a list of projects, but from what I can see, they haven’t done shit that makes them seem like a solid candidate for the job.

Now, they could have went the more tedious route, building the game ground up working from the CPS3 build, but they didn’t. They took the Sega Dreamcast game and made changes based on the CPS3 build. This alone is fucking laughable. I have seen so many versions of Third Strike where the games properties have been changed by random people just fucking with the code. This is now done by hundreds of people with the online release of SFIV.

This wasn’t the icing on the cake though, no no no. I seen that SK contacted** Floe** to help development and give ideas for the game. 5star and Pyrolee are the most known Third Strike players in America. Why the fuck was Floe contacted to help with a game he hasn’t touched for years? Not to mention the above players have spent money to travel to a fucking foreign country just to play this game only solidifies them as the best option to go for help. These guys and **many many **more love this game to the point where they could FEEL the difference of any minor discrepancies.

The op has pointed out just a few of fucking many problems with this version. The saddest thing though, they probably wont read, and if they do; there’s a good chance they wont give a shit. I sent my poll of the community wanting the options to turn on old sound effects/huds/stage music, but was ignored.

This game was released at 15 dollars because it was worth 15 dollars.

Yeah it’s horrible.

The fact that Capcom messed this game up makes me very sad. This is probably the last chance that 3S will ever get for the mainstream, and Capcom/Iron Galaxy ruined it. It seems like they went out of their way to fuck the game up.

I don’t understand how the game is called Online Edition and promised a great online experience they use the best netcode yet the worse Matchmaking, lack of create game, region search options, bugged replays, bugged lobbies and replays not having player names. At least for training mode they tried to make up for the failure.

Its pretty ridiculous they were throwing around terms like “fans will wet their pants” “arcade experience” “love letter to fans” ect.

ive already edited this post like 3 times because i cannot put into words how much i dislike 3soe.

Can you define what faster speed is in emulation? Propably different emulators may run the game at different speeds.Or it is somewhat related to PC hardware. I use an older version of nFBA and it never seemed to run the game ridicilously fast. Even the later versions of nFBA run 3s at similar speed. The fps ranges from 58-62 offline. So its very smooth. If it was slower, the netplay would be worse with lots turtling and inaccurate parry timing. I prefer faster speed, so thats my 2 cents.

On topic, I do believe 3sOE for PC would perform better(faster if you like). Just add 10 more euros and release it will fully unlocked content. Enough of this crappy DLC system.

^^^you are most certainly welcome.

My question is why haven’t they actually fixed anything? The community obviously knows what the problems are so wtf is the delay? I have downloaded 3 patches so far and I haven’t noticed any improvements to anything.

I haven’t played much on the OE version… so, it’s not actually arcade perfect then? Forget the online, forget the poor menu system… when you finally get into a game, it’s not arcade perfect? I know about the shorter meters (bad decision) and cosmetic things like 2P aegis and character icons under the health bar not having different colors, but what about the rest of it?

Actually 15$ is more than enough to cover their budget for this game and they can even afford to make it a lot better. Look at hard corps uprising and all the other 15$ online games that are built from the ground up. All they had to do with this game is port an all ready completed game from the arcade code and port an all ready completed program for the online play and iron out the bugs that came from the porting. I gave them the benefit of the doubt when I heard there were going to be patches that address all the issues but I guess when capcom has your money they don’t seem to care about their customers anymore.

If they can’t develop their own game in an internal studio they should have just given this game to arc system works or namco, even if these devolopers tried to butcher 3s it would still be better than this. The only credit i’m going to give them is that the offline play is as close to arcade as you can get on consoles but they promised a lot more.

Edit: And why the hell not just hire 1 of the japanese players as consultant’s or producers you know kuroda,mov,rikimaru etc. If they actually hired someone that cared for the game most if not all of the bugs wouldn’t be there.

My guess on why the game feels faster when emulated is because it doesn’t have all the code. Emulated games tend to use the very lowest possible amount of data needed to run smoothly because you are going to be playing it online. More data = more input delay/lag.

This is besides the point, I want 3soe to be amazing, not some emulated shit I’ve been playing for years. I paid about $250 (xbox/stick) just to play 3soe, why? Two words that faggot Derek Neal shat out of his mouth: “Arcade perfect.”

Training mode doesn’t work properly.
Online matchmaking is a fucking joke. (I could go on about this for a long time.)
The ingame sound effects sound horrible, some of them don’t even play at times.
Stage music is the arranged version, not to mention the music will randomly cut out mid game.
Sound rollbacks, some how GGPO on the computer managed to avoid this? Fail work from Ponder.

This game is a fucking nightmare, yet they are focusing on releasing color packs and tournament videos (unheard of it in it’s own right) on laggy monitors. Capcom is fucking scum, scum of the god damn earth. Maybe if we had Ono, things would be different. That guy listens to people bitching so much there’s 15 versions of Street Fighter IV.

15$ is cheap… but i can get 2 packs of newports and a yoo-hoo for 15$, which is obviously what i’d rather have

fuck capcom, and fuck the lakers

fuck iron galaxy as a staff, a record label and as a muthafuckin crew

eh bro, fuck you