Capcom read this

Things would be far worse if you had Ono. This game would have been rebalanced 4 times in 2 years with noob friendly auto parry gems and comeback mechanics all over the place.

3S was always bad lol.

If he listened, characters that have needed a specific problem or two addressed since vanilla would have. Guess what? They haven’t.
He also would listen to the fans when they asked for other characters like, I’ve seen mostly Alex and Karin asked for, what did people get? Another fucking shoto.

There’s only 15 versions of street fighter because he DOESN’T listen to the fans and DOESN’T get it right. He trolls us. You want Ono working on 3sOE? Expect to start paying for your patches and suddenly have characters actually getting “Balancing.”

And this is why I’m sticking with PS2 and Emulation. At least tons of people already know how the PS2 port feels.

I spent 15 bucks on this steaming pile of shit the other day because I heard “ggpo” and “arcade perfect”. Meters are wrong. Netcode is complete shit.

Do you know how many hot 'n spicy’s 15 bucks can buy?!?! Shit.

ARC or die

ono worked on 3S and praises the shit outta this game

I guess everybody missed my sarcasm regarding Ono, lol.

I keep trying to tell myself “this version of the game isn’t that bad - just keep playing it. Everyone else does”

But there’s way too much shit that bothers me.

  • 3 patches, and I still can’t have ONE round for Arcade Mode? I’m lazy, I want all my colors.
  • You finally released the soundtracks of the previous SFIII’s. They sound like shit. I could have done a better job in quality by going on youtube, recording the track to my soundcard and fucking with EQ’s in a sound program. It sounds like they just ripped that shit off of a CD they found at a Goodwill and slapped a price on it.
  • Twelve’s voice still not fixed. There was testing and events where they had a beta for this game right? Why didn’t they check for Twelve’s voice? Oh. No one picks Twelve. But it’s a serious integrity issue to not give a fuck about minor things like that.
  • No option to take the annoying “scorecard” off or whatever the fuck it is on normal screen mode. That shit annoys the shit out of me. Just keep it black.
  • Why do I have to know how many SRK’s I did at the end of EVERY SINGLE MATCH. Give me an “arcade” mode. I die - You die, no added menus. Just press start and character select all over again.
  • These emulators got scanlines right, and I don’t know any code, but if people can release an emulator that has x4892048930 ways to set scanlines then why does port’s scanlines look like wiped nut on a polaroid picture?
    -They say that the ‘matchmaking’ has been fixed. It hasn’t. When I scroll down for more lobbies on xbox and I’m not satisfied with what I see - I scroll back up to see nothing and I have to refresh the entire lobby search by exiting and re-entering.
  • Sound effects really need to be fixed. The blockstrings don’t sound the same, and I look like an idiot when I hear a “hit” - only to hit confirm to someone blocking. GGPO never had this problem. ever. They had visual rollbacks, but you were ALWAYS able to rely on sound. always.

sigh. I need a cigarette.


I hate when displays and demos are done on non responsive tvs.
Like a tournament I saw at a bestbuy. I was pointing out you cant use wireless tekken sticks for this crap, this tv has crazy delay, audio isnt synched, etc.
Also at a Bar once doing a Rock Band night, didnt seem to understand that not having the game synched to the tv or the audio is a bad thing.

lol they didnt even give us the original 3s arcade music from the jump. I honestly still cant get over that. But shit is fucked up when you how much money people spent (like Metric) when they are told its gonna be arcade perfect. I bought two more hori’s and two lagless monitors in anticipation of OE. Next 3s related purchase i’ll make is a h2h cab. That is the current best solution

this thing not being perfect for offline play is crazy

3S OE is awesome. I 'd like to see the old super bars though. I’ve played on GGPO forever though so I knew what to except coming into OE. I think for those who didn’t play on GGPO, it’s kind of surprising. I really do wish they had online training mode to spar with friends though. that was the one feature I wanted that hadn’t been mentioned too much :(. Now tekken’s going to have online sparring mode and it pisses me off >:(

I entered a city-wide Rock Band tournament at a bar downtown with several entrants and a respectable first place prize. They had the whole setup wired to various soundsystems and projectors with a zillion cables coming out of the back of the Xbox in what looked like a serious fire hazard. The lag was probably 250 ms+. They did not have the game synched. When we asked them to stop the tournament and sync up the machines, they didn’t want to. Then every team in the tournament complained, and they finally reluctantly did it. Even the synched game was nearly impossible to play on, with the notes scrolling way off the screen before they disappeared. People have no idea.

Form a class action lawsuit if they were that misleading, at least reimbursement for the game if not able to get for stick and console. Shouldn’t’ve said arcade perfect along with all that misleading hype.

I still haven’t gotten around to buying 3S OE (put the PS3 away for the semester).
Can someone enlighten me what the problem with the Super bars is please?

the meter thing does not affect gameplay…it’s just visual length.

and the things 5 star is bitching about are valid…but mostly training mode related shit.

the game itself is just fine for offline play, and better overall than the ps2 version as far as timings go.

the main issues i have are bad menus/presentation/random online glitches/freezes (it froze after a match on my xbox yesterday, even after the patch)

and the weird ex move thing which i have yet to confirm but happens way too often to be random chance. (what i mean by that is the game randomly missing ex moves, i never had a problem on other versions but am without conclusive evidence…someone needs to actually prove/disprove this.)

Offline has an annoying sound bug where a sound won’t play when it should.

online ANYTHING was never meant to be played serious.

sometimes I get on to smack these “8 year olds” for an hour and call it a day.

yeah no shit. that should have been optional.

I bet a lawyer could write a good “love letter” to Capcom that would make them “wet their pants” for fake advertising.

Have you ever played the game on an actual cps3 board? If you haven’t then I don’t know why you’re even commenting about what speed the game runs at. emu runs faster, anyone who has played the game extensively on cps3 knows that. you would have to be either blind or a complete idiot not to notice the difference.