Capcom-related: Maximo comic in Janaury 2004

After Street Fighter and Mega Man, next comes Maximo.

Maximo, the two-fisted, sword-slashing warrior from the successful Capcom video game comes to life in the printed pages of comics this January in a Dreamwave one-shot written by Beau Smith with art by Alan Wang. Smith chatted with Newsarama about the book, and his role in the video game sequel…

Welcome to the games revolution!

We’ve known this for sometime.

UDON Comics is doing Street Fighter.

Dreamwave Comics is doing

Devil May Cry
Rival Schools

Devil May Cry is a only a mini series (done by Pat Lee) and Rival Schools is only a one-shot.

All of this was published back in the August issue of Wizard Magazine (among other places)

Note: This forum is for UDON’s SF comic, not one of Dreamwave’s Capcom titles (sorry to sound like such an ass, but its true)

BenXpawn’s post reads like a promotional blurb in a magazine. He’s probably some Dreamwave marketing guy. Don’t waste too much energy discussing stuff w/ him.

as far as dreamwave is concerned, I think the megamans are ok…

what I’m waiting for is darkstalkers…

Maximo - I really don’t care to much for the Ghouls and Ghosts genre, even if I really like the Maximo Artist for the game, who does the covers for the Japanese Funamitzu Video Game Magazine. I’ll pass on this one.

Megaman - So far I don’t like the comic.

Darkstalkers - Chances are I’ll probably by the book every month no matter what. I mean, right now I’m playing Megaman Battle Network 1, Megaman Zero 1, Megaman and Bass and Megaman X 7. And when I finish those I still have to play Zero 2, and Battle Network 2 and 3. In short, I don’t really need a comic to live out Megaman’s Adventures but Darkstalkers on the other hand, looks like we’ll never get a sequel so I’ll live out my Darkstalker adventures in the comic even if some of the stuff I’ve heard about issue 1 is really bad.

Morrigan working with Lilith to use a book to enter the Human World? Ugh…

Studio Udon>Dreamwave. Studio Udon has taken great care to reach out to us SF Fans, get our feedback and is giving us a great product. Dreamwave has Megaman flying of all things and Morrigan working with Lilith.

well the only series Dreamwave takes great care for is TMNT and Transformers.

it’s sad that they don’t take this much care with their other series.


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Yes, TMNT and Transformers are really good.