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As well as most of you know, Ed Boon (MK co-creator) loves Street Fighter and wants to make and/or be a part of the team that will make Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat. Someone from Capcom should get into contact with Ed Boon soon on this…

some things are never meant to be…

I don’t think it would work because of the differences with the gameplay between the two of them.

I don’t want to see anyone from Street fighter get fatalaties. :’( it would happen to me a lot


no, please. Ed boon, keep your dirty hands off of SF.

This could possibly be worse than SvC and snk is actually a GOOD fighting game developer. Can you imagine would ed boon would do? he’s got the anti midas touch. Everything he touches turns to shit.

There’s a reason why MK is otherwise shit garbage and midway is bankrupt. Not to put all the blame on boon but fuck, MK fucking sucks these days. Its just a gore fest thats good for a few days worth of laughs.

MK VS DC is relatively a NEW game and I bet you its broken as fuck and no one plays it.

The only way to break into the fighting market these days is to create fighters worthy of tourney play and I just don’t see boon doing that @ all. He’s got terrible philosophy on fighting games.

mortal kombat is fucking dumb.

the whole series would have been a complete failure without blood/gore gimmicks.


I would have to disagree here… The games are just too different… The only characters I could imagine there (SF Vs. MK) are Vega, Akuma, and Gen… But then again it would be pretty bad… Sorry Ed Boon…

Basically. Of course Boon wants SF vs MK to happen, it’d be a great way to revive MK without putting in any actual work to make a new game that isn’t trash. There’s absolutely no incentive for Capcom to go along with this though.

If Ed Boon wants to combine Mortal Kombat with a classic franchise, there’s plenty of other options that he could explore.

Killer Instinct

Um . . .is there more besides SF that was popular back in the day? Maybe Samurai Showdown.

quote fer truth.