Capcom Rip-offs (old?)

kinda interestig and funny… close thread if old.

Some are obviously stupid, like necro being compared to a Rumble Fish character… I thoguht the RF character came after…

Mike Hagger is more likely based off Don Frye, I think Franco Bash is too.


oh shit, you’ve earned rep! lmfao


“Zeh show muss go awn!”
"Shao we do et?"
I love CvS2.


Tony bogard.

“Hey you! C’mon! C’mon! Are okaaay… Bustaaa Woooolf!”

Awesome. :woot: Fei Long vs Eagle was quite amusing too. :wgrin: Nice touches of in-game voiceovers.

No wonder Ken looks like He-man in sF4… He was actually based off him.


Great stuff.

Did anyone noticed this yet?
Edi E

Bud Spencer

In the Piedone movies, he played a cop, but I can’t find a nice picture of him from there with the cop suit and all. Also, he has the same built as Edi E, and the same style of bierd too. It’s probably just a coincidence, but still funny.

Sol Badguy == Freddie Mercury.

Yeah I know… Quite obvious. <_>


hey!!hadouken!! come on!! hadouken!! come on!! shinku!! Power geysaaaa!!!


Love that site, Aerialgroove, here on Shoryuken manages it.

I submitted the Necro/ Bazoo one, just because they look a little similar and also have similar moves. ANd the Rumble Fish character is definitely the rip-off of Necro.

Oh wow they SOOOOO granted our request too[/sarcasm].

Lets see…stupid “elvis” hair-style, ridiculous ponytail, dresses like a dude, steve urkle coke-bottle glasses…

Yeah thanks a lot japan. We appreciate you guys going out of your way to come up with a character design so horrendously stupid looking, unattractive, and goofy, just for us.