Capcom should make a Devil May Cry fighting game


And make it play like DMC, even with the camera angles as well(that behind the character view). Online play can just be like an FPS or something, so you pick Dante and see shit behind your char, some other guy picks I dunno Nero, and he sees shit from behind his char. Could be pretty fucking wicked with that free flowing combo system they got. Shit would stomp all over Tekken and VF.


This was tried…it’s called DBZ BT. Look how well received that game is seriously…


That game plays nothing like DMC, sorry, that shit was just shallow button mashing.


And include Goku and Superman as unlockables. And and and um hot anime girls lots of hot anime girls and um throw in a wookie in a naruto costume ^_^.


If it’s anything like that Onimusha fighting game, I will pass.



We have Trish and Dante in MvC3. Let Capcom focus on something else.


Just like this game would be.

Be happy Capcom actually decided to give DMC two reps in MvC3, and stfu.


not before they make Darkstalkers 4 and Sengoku Basara X2.


Need us some Nero…


I’ll assume that Super Skrull has the ability to “reach out and touch you” like the devil bringer.


Azrael said it best. (I’m going to paraphrase)

A DMC game that consists solely of a tower with 1000 levels of Demons to fight, and every main character from the series playable.

And Bayonetta for shits and giggles.

I would never need another video game. ever.