Capcom Should Make The Beta Be Around For Half A Year


I thought the beta would be accessible for longer than 6 days and now Im tiffed that itll be that short. If a whole console beta was done for the game for longer I think wed have a better game at release. Look at how many times NRS has patched MKX since its release, youd think MKX was still in beta from all these weekly changes! I dont want to see that be forced on Capcom after SFV’s release cause casuals are hitting up social media asking for more changes all the time and use MKX as an example why things should be changed.

  1. No betas were ever done for such a prolonged period

  2. this game is still in active development state and the managing and maintaining the beta will only waste time and resources

  3. this beta exists only to test the netcode and how online works in the first place, you don’t need to gather results over the course of 6 months to understand how bad/good your online mode performs

  4. this topic doesn’t warrant an entirely new thread


Since when in the hell has Capcom ever patched a game as frequently as NRS does?