Capcom slaps wii owners with VC insults

stupid capcom

They love that HF.

Why is it stupid? Little programming needed. People will spend the money to purchase these downloads. Capcom makes more money than it cost to convert it to the VC. If anyone is stupid in this whole arrangement, it’s “you” the consumer.

Dumbfuck attitudes like yours is what leads to the decline of quality in the first place.

They need to wait until Nintendo starts their online thing and then release ST on VC with online play (assuming they will eventually come up with a way to do that). Come to think of it, Nintendo needs to start allowing arcade games on VC as well.

That’s what he just said dumbass, he said its not stupid on capcoms part because stupid people will pay for it anyways.

Is this the Poison that is Hugo’s btich in 3rd Strike?

biolink - yep final fight is how the whole tranny thing started

Matt K. - its stupid because why do reprogramming making smaller sprites when you have better ports done like the 360 version.

Do you guys not get the fact that the Virtual Console is an emulator? These are the SNES games. What do you want Capcom to do, reprogram them?

The whole f*cking point is that these are the same games that were originally released on the SNES.

Should just throw the arcade originals for the VC. There is no reason not to have them, and settle for the inferior SNES versions.

An emulator should be able to do others, like arcade games too. Which is what should have been done instead.

I’d hate to see them make the same mistake and port something like the inferior SNES version of SFAlpha II, and not the arcade.

TRUTH. Virtual console is a PC Engine, Nes, SNES, Genesis, etc… emulator. Emulating arcade games would take more work. Think of how long it’s taken mame to get as far as they have.

edit: Plus, this is for casual gamers. Most casual gamers remember the home versions of all these games more than the arcade versions.

Exactly, wtf are you guys expecting? You want them to reprogram you an arcade perfect version for the wii, even though you could just buy Capcom classics, AE, or emulate it?


The uncensored version came out in Japan, complete with Poison.

it’s not like they have the source code or we’re paying for it or anything.

Edit: also, not to mention Guy was released later on in a rerelease, so it’s not like they don’t have his data floating around…

Yeah you’re right, it is best just to not even bother with the VC for that stuff.

Re-releasing a mirror version of the same flawed port for the VC? Hope not. It’ll be 1993 all over again.

If FF:Guy makes it to VC, it should at least be free to those who got the first.

If the VC can be programmed to emulate NES, Snes, Genesis, grafix, etc. Then they should be able to also program it to run arcade titles just as easily.

Not doing so would just be laziness on their parts. Make the VC programmers earn their money, and not do things half-assed like this.

Mame runs thousands of arcade games. The VC would only have to be programmed for the few arcade titles that pop up here and there.

Also the Mame team pretty much did everything themselves without the help of companies like Capcom. Nintendo on the other hand, could get help from the capcom team to make emulating their arcade code a snap.

Sounds like you want a version of final fight guy released.

Not until they release this first one. They gotta make some money. I feel bad for the dopes who purchased the original SF2 for SNES.

:rolleyes: be realistic, why would Capcom bother wasting money on getting a CPS2 emulator written for the Wii when they could just use the SNES emulator that already exists? Sure it sucks, but to act like Capcom owes you anything is retarded. Just don’t buy them if you have such a big problem with it.

Hey if capcom/Nintendo VC want customers to buy their stuff and make money, they shouldn’t aim to do things so noticeably halfassed then. If it does not sell well, or not as well as they’d hoped, then they only have themselves to blame for their sub-par efforts to begin with. Tough.

If I had a wii I wouldn’t waste a dime on this flawed emu service.

Neo Geo downloads have been announced, and that’s an arcade system too, though it’s still uncertain exactly when they’ll happen. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of a CPS1/2 emulator, but it won’t happen in the near future…

If NeoGeo can be done, other arcades are a no-brainer. Unless Capcom/VC want to be lazy and just keep dolling out the flawed home ports.

Also if they were going to make any home version of final fight available, it should have been the Sega CD version. Which was better than arcade perfect with its awesome redone soundtrack.

didn’t they already release SF2? now its HF?