"Capcom/SNK" at CES 2011


Capcom publishing KoFXIII, CvS3, typo, or mainstream media confusing all companies who make 2D fighting games?

Place your bets.


Could be confusion, but pretty much every fighting game law has been broken the last few years, so I wouldn’t really discount fucking shit at this point.

If they announce future deals together, including CvS3, I’mma have a heart attack based on how much fan service we have gotten.


Probably the last one.


The same flyer that says “GAMING IS MOVING FOWARD AT CES!”? I suspect subpar copyediting.


there’s a rumor goin around that snk may outsource kof 13’s console port; anothr company would handle and release the game to console. I doubt this hints at it tho so maybe its a mistake from the website


Really? That’s interesting, and sort of smart on SNK’s part, which feels weird to say. As long as it’s handled well, given all the features it needs plus a decent online it’ll do well.


It’s in japanese.
Like water=wooootaaaaa

Anyways if you want the real answer:

Ask Henaki


Ugh, let’s hope it’s not another Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.


“And now we come to the five hundred meter-REPPUKEN!


I realize forgot to put “Capcom and SNK merger” as a possible theory in my post.

Anyway, regardless of its quality on its own, SSFIV’s netcode is enough leaps and bounds above KoF12 that I’d welcome Capcom intervention.

Heck, bonus content for console versions, simultaneous worldwide releases, good localization, acceptable (to me) netcode, I’d say Capcom has everything I want from KoFXIII console in its recent games. SNK can just worry about bringing in the nice sprites and character designs.


And gameplay, that’s usually important.


Maybe they just share the exhibit space


Well I can’t judge that until I play it.

Which I can’t do until the console release.

Which puts us back at square one.



Thousand meter DOUBLE REPPUKEN! would make a man outta anyone. '94 Sports team would be so top tier.


If Capcom publishes KofXIII for home systems, I SWEAR (until he posts a pic that damn near proves it) I will never again mention that I think Ono is homo for Blanka.


If Capcom’s name is on the box rather than SNK, people in the US might even give a shit about this game…


Can’t be a typo, look at “DC Comics/Warner” in the ‘Publishers and Developers Attend CES:’ section.

DC and Warner came together before for MK vs DC. Which also brings up another question: Mk vs DC 2?

EDIT: Sounds too good to be true tbh


MK is only owned by Warner after MKvsDC came out and Midway went under.

DC has been owned by Warner for a lot longer.

I think Arkham City is published as a Warner Interactive game.



damn, I let that picture play with my emotions there for a bit.



And Arc System Works? hell, you can say that SNK and Arc System Works are the only ones who made 2d fighting games (yeah, I think that SF IV is a 2D fighter but you know what I mean)