Capcom, SNK, MLG, and the FGC

I was having a thought, has SNK ever approached MLG or vice versa?

I know Capcom has refused to liscense until the ‘community’ is behind MLG (and forgive me for making another esports thread), but is that really necessary? I won’t claim to know everything about the history of MLG and Capcom, the Cannons and EVO, etc. However it seemed like a no brainer upon contemplation; what’s holding KOF13 from being in the MLG?

Reading the teamliquid thread about fighting games was abysmal, but in retrospect I can understand how many of them would consider fighting games to be little else than mashing buttons, when slamming on DF DB is a valid tournament level technique. When I did see Daigo play, I’m not going to deny the fact that it killed me a little to see him do the little wiggle like everyone else.

KOF13 however has come out at an excellent time, judging by all the controversy that has been sparked lately. There’s little argument that KOF takes a fair amount of tact to play and has few ‘bullshit’ mechanics compared to behemoths such as MVC3 and SSF4. Isn’t this perfect for a tournament level fighting game?

If SNK got their face out there, and the community backing it was strong enough, wouldn’t that be enough to kick capcom in the proverbial ass and stop fucking with us at every turn? Especially if they became the face of ‘esports’. Get capcom to realize where they’re going wrong and how they’re essentially attacking longtime fans of the genre?

Anyways, I was just curious to see what your thoughts may be. Let me say that I’m not an anti-capcom guy or anything, I’ve played a lot of SF4 and MVC3, and even though SFxT looks nightmare bad I know I’ll probably end up messing with it as well.

Maybe there’s something about SNK I don’t know? Judging by their press releases however I’m gaining more and more respect for that company by the day.

Thanks for reading.

This isn’t fact, just baseless speculation that I think Sir Scoots said. He thinks if the FGC nags Capcom, they’d do it.

building a kof playerbase on the fact that MLG is gonna toss a bunch of $ signs behind the pot isn’t such a good idea.

The fact that their games have never been very popular in the US? That MLG has no reason to invest in games that wouldn’t be very popular?

And SNKP’s current financial state. MLG wants Capcom to contribute money to support like other companies (I think?).

As much as I love SNK based games, SNK based games simply haven’t been popular ever in the US, when compared to Capcom based games, Namco based games and other games. MLG will simply only go towards what draws crowds and have standing popularity, therefore draws money.

From what it looks like, MLG will be picking up Tekken 6, Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat 9 for it’s next pro circuit next year.

I think SNKP is even worst then Capcom in this regard. While Capcom at least have interacted with the FGC in the last few years, SNKP hasn’t done so at all here in the West to my knowledge. The US publishers of their games provided the support. If MLG wants KoFXIII their best bet is to get at Atlus rather than SNKP directly.

Atlus was at NEC and donated to the pot.

It was the MLG CEO, Sundance DiGiovanni who has been saying this after there meetings with Capcom for licensing

Depending on what Console, Sony and Microsoft are willing to up the prize money. Also don’t forget MLG’s other mainstream sponsors.

Tekken 6??? Isnt it a bit too late for that? O.o

I’m always down for more sales for SNK, but while more sales helps a business, it comes at the cost of diluting that games’ culture with scrubs and casuals. Especially if we’re exposing XIII to those basement-dwelling mouthbreathers, and prepubescent CoD players who compete at MLG.

Lol prolly, but they could still pick it up. :eek:

Capcom doesn’t give a fuck about the FGC, Esports and all that shit. It’s not part of their core business, they’d just be adding more work by getting involved not to mention how xenophobic old Japanese dudes can get.They’d rather continue doing the same old crap over and over if it still works rather than trying to branch out into something new that they’re unfamiliar with.
It’s the community who’ve built the FGC from the ground up, and it wasn’t until recently with the SF4 boom that Capcom has even begun to show at least some support to the FGC. And even now their attitude still seems rather indifferent to everything FGC wise.

That’s my outlook on Capcom anyway.

Capcom wouldn’t get behind MLG if the community asked

They’d give us a Darkstalker’s 3D game, a line of Final Fight toys, and a signed picture of Ono. I.e, they’d avoid it totally and just give us random shit

going by MLG track record, this is the perfect time to pick up Tekken 6.

Well now that it’s official, figured I’d resurrect this bad boy. I for one am super excited for this!

Can someone link me the TeamLiquid thread about fighting games?

Awesomersaur is nostradamus.

TeamLiquid’s the motherfucking definition of an elitist community. So whatever they said about FGs are complete and utter bullshit.

And on the second note, fuck TeamLiquid for bashing FGs as if there’s no skill. Fuck them.

Does that mean whoever is sponsoring MLG are no longer sponsoring the community ran events?