Capcom Stealing Games?


I thought all Japanese media borrowed heavily from each other anyways


Capcom has been going down hill for the last couple of years now. Their fighting games are horrible now and the latest offerings for Resident Evil and Devil May Cry sucked.


Technically it is Capcom Mobile. It’s not really the same company except for the name. The same bosses do not oversee them.


They did say that, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a Japanese company blew smoke out of their ass to try and cover their escape, either. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was or wasn’t true either way, plenty of companies have completely separate branches like that.


All that fuss for a mobile game? What a waste of time.


Did you guys watch a video of maXplosion? The game is a straight rip.

Max is red. He is an experiment trying to escape from scientist. His only move is to explode, and he can do it 3 times per “jump.” He even makes similar sounds to 'Splosion Man.


No all this fuss over the obvious theft of an IP.


Reminds me of Capcom’s lawsuit against Data East/Fighters’ History in the 90s (which they lost, oddly enough)


Capcom are making a profit, why should the big guns care.
SF4 just plain terrible, no idea how it did so well (I’m glad SF is back). SSF4 better but SF4 mechanics are terrible. SSF4AE, interested but not going to hold my breath. MVC3, not that I was in MVC like I was into SF, but the only character I enjoyed playing was Strider


Somebody needs to sue someone. shit is retarded. Capcom mobile or Capcom whoever, they dropped the ball. BIG TIME.

Drop the app, and work on getting the real game ported to mobile devices.


Soooooooooooo true!


… oh… Canada… that place… It’s in our own backyard! UNCLEAN!


Wow someone fucked up big time. Not a good look for capcom.


that’s crazy. Who would’ve thought.


First DLC character for AE will be an Italian Fighter. A bare knuckles plumber turned brawler, named Mario. He will have a fantastic moveset of QCF+P bouncing fireballs, QCB+K for bison style stomps, and HCB+P hammer tosses. His super will involve him getting a star, to give him Invincibility and a catchy theme for 10 seconds, and his Ultra’s would involve him eating some mushrooms or Raccoon Tails to get twice as big and/or gain new movesets.

Thank God no other companies have similar characters