Capcom: Still the Best

Even after all thee years, Capcom remains the best fighting game developer. So sick of the haters always trash talking Capcom. Let’s take a look at what Capcom has done this gen:

-Singlehandedly revived a dead genre with SF4, and took us back to classic SF style gameplay; all while making it easier for new people to get into the genre.
-Created the long awaited sequel to a timeless classic fighter that was 10 years in the waiting, MvC3, and even provided an update to the game dressing balance issues and giving us awesome characters like Vergil and Phoenix Wright.
-Creating the most epic fighter crossover of all time, SFxTekken. A clash of 2 giants with a revolutionary new game mechanic that will change the way we look at fighters.
-The constant presence of Ono, a kind hearted and friendly man who loves fighters as much as we do and ensures us we’re going to get a quality game. The same man who apologized publicly to angry fans and gave us a free update to SF4.

Amidst all the haters on this site who bash Capcom, us true fans know the truth. The same haters who are angry some obscure anime games didn’t get into EVO and expect SRK to abandon a great company who supports the scene, supports the genre, and supports high level tournament play. When you play a Capcom fighter, you know you gotta bring your A game. No airdashing or double jumping is there to save you. Just pure skill, footsies, the fundamentals, and hard hard work.

Capcom, this song exemplifies you and your spirit, keep up the good work and don’t let the haters get you down.


So I just got into Tyler, The Creator. I know, late as heck, but that’s not the point, I really like him. What do you guys think about him?

He’s aiight.

I’m digging Childish Gambino right now though.

yeah hes cool

Unless he’s affiliated with Capcom, I really don’t care.

I like a good troll now and then, but this was a really poor effort.

Please explain how stating a fact about Capcom is somehow trolling? Or are you some asspained kid who thinks Capcom sucks because your game didn’t get into EVO?

One of my games is in EVO. I just have to cut my losses and accept Arksys have to try harder in America with BB.

I like Ono, But I hate Capcom.

/Leaves politely

Cacpom is the best, as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t want to touch my hands with that ugly SNK and anime poverty. I mean most of those games are still 2d, what are we living in? The fucking 90s?! I think not. I paid $200 for my X-Box 360 and I don’t want to get anything other than the most out of it.

And eww, modern day 3d fighters all have the exact same graphical style nowadays. Shit’s boring. Combine that with ‘button mashing’ shallow gameplay and you know why the fighting game genre is dead outside of Capcom.


Let me guess, you’re one of the people on the front page crying about Wesker nonstop.

I dont read the front page (technology y0!), and I dont play UMVC3/SFIV enough to care. Just funny that these best GAEMS EVAR have something like that as viable strategy.

By the way Bethesda is the best yo.

Meh, it gives a laugh, which is more than a lot of troll threads do.

Capcom’s cool and all, but they’re a bit too anime for my tastes.

Let’s get back on topic.

Tyler, The Creator.

I’ve never heard of this guy. What would you guys consider to be his best song?

You are the same troll who was crying in the MK topic, the same troll in the skullgirls forum, the same troll bashing capcom in the front page, the same troll bashing SFxT, the same troll bashing Blazblue.

Get a life seriously.

Especially since half the cast is underage school girls.

But truth be told… Capcom is the best at something.


Too bad that something is fucking up great fighting games.

He was on the Regular Show.
Was a really good episode, too.


he’s swag as fuck

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