Capcom supporting tournaments with a total of 500k in winnings throughout the year


Didn’t see this anywhere so I thought I’d post it,_more_25th_anniversary_details

EDIT: Wait I think I got it wrong. They’re probably working with tournaments instead of creating there own. Sorry for the title if I’m wrong about this.


I’m sure justin wong will enjoy that money


the plural on your title is misleading.

however this is excellent news


Yeah I tried to edit it but I guess I can’t.


I love that fact that old school Street Fighter games will be part of the line up. This makes me happy beyond epic proportions. I look forward to seeing more details on this. I hope they have a tournament or two in TX.



Esports, we in there! I was surprised IPL picking up SFxT wasn’t blown up on twitter feeds and FGC generally seemed to ignore it. Pretty sure Capcom is relying on IPL to organize their whole tournament series. As a long time esports promoter you don’t know how happy this makes me feel. Can’t wait until we reach the professionalism and exposure these games deserve.

If you guys vote WCG may also pick up umvc3, SF4AE and SFxT, but WCG is usually atrocious because you can vote numerous times.


What you talking about Willis? Capcom is trying to kill eeeeeeeeeeeeeeSports.



Even though Sega has been doing this for years now with VF


The title is a little misleading.


…of prizing

aka not going to be cash most of the time.


Seth tweeted this

So obviously the emphasis will be on Street Fighter. Probably the main Street Fighter games. But I feel like there is no way Marvel can be denied, so this is my guess for 5 of the most likely games to be part of this series.

  1. Street Fighter x Tekken: It’s the newest, so of course it’ll be there.
  2. SSF4: AE 2012: The newest entry of the main SF series, also currently the most popular tournament fighting game world wide.
  3. SF3: 3rd Strike: Love it or hate it, it had a very strong following and a certain video from this game was probably most peoples first introduction to FG tournaments
  4. SSF2 Turbo: Latest version of the one that started it all, a true classic
  5. UMVC3: Extremely popular in the US. I just feel like it can’t be left out even with the focus on Street Fighter


Can we get some Mvc2?


Hoping for 3rd Strike and vanilla Alpha 2


“These high-stakes tournaments feature the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game, in addition to previous titles from the highly-acclaimed Street Fighter catalogue. More details on the specific territories and tournament structure will be coming soon.” - Quote taken from this blog/article

I don’t know if I’m taking their words too literally, but it seems like they are only focusing on the Street Fighter franchise and not their whole fighting game products, so I doubt we’ll see any Marvel or other randoms like Darkstalkers TvC CvS2 etc. It’ll probably just be SF2, ST, SFxT, 3soe, AE 2012 edition, and MAYBE alpha 3, but lol at alpha.


Seth Killian tweet put emphasis on it being the 25th anny of Street Fighter

SF1 tourneys!


Can’t have two versions of the same series.


Meh they’d probably do it just to give love to the game that started it all.


Fixed that for Seth


Hoping they bring some of that money over to Canada. We also exist


Ever heard of cash prizes?


BRING IT! :mad: