Capcom survey: RESULTS



in case you missed it…

Pick your top 5 fave characters and it may affect future Capcom games… Don’t waste a vote on Ryu etc, you know he’s going to be in SF5 regardless. :slight_smile:

edit- results


thanks man, didn’t see that mentionned anywhere :slight_smile:


I voted: cammy, juni, juli, rose, vega

For obvious reasons hehehe.


I think i voted Rose, Maki, Juli, Chun Li, Elena… I would have voted Fei Long but felt the females are under represented and under powered generally and need some love!


Well i could vote karin 5 times in a row… soo<div> Rose,Karin,karin,karin,karin</div><div>jk</div><div>Rose,karin,ingrid, and i forgot the other 2.</div>


Rose, e.ryu, makoto, sakura, & KAIRI!


Results are in.
Interesting stuff… Karin ousts Ryu in japan?!
Rose did ok, sitting around the middle.


yeah, for me Q’s 10th place was the real shocker. I mean, people don’t play third strike, and if they do, they sure as fuck don’t play Q. but he was in my list alongside remy nash rose and fuerte so i’m good with that :smiley: