Capcom Taking Down SF X T Videos?

So i was going to look at gungrave2k6’s steve combo video and this is what was there


is it actually capcom or is it someone else?
also why would they do this? this combo video didn’t have the dlc characters on it so i would like to get some thoughts.

sorry if someone has already posted about this.

capcops :eek:


I think his other videos had objectionable content (to Capcom) and so his whole account was terminated.

Well…he WAS posting videos with content he obtained illegally.

Can’t say he didn’t have it coming.

if it was dlc locked then its fair game to get pulled

Using the DLC characters isn’t illegal; you can argue it is against the terms of service of Xbox Live or PSN, but unlocking them with a third party device is perfectly legal; see Galoob v. Nintendo.

oh something that’s been discussed 1000 times already - this should be interesting. :coffee:

My understanding of the difference between a Game Genie and this case is that a game genie doesn’t actually create a new, derivative work, as opposed to these videos, where you have to hack a disc and create an entirely new (unauthorised) copy of the game itself.

In any case, legal or illegal, he had it coming. The vids were fun while they lasted.