Capcom to announce new title at tougeki - apparently just jojos hd. Tougeki GD


from the official tougeki page.
カプコン新作発表ステージ (capcom’s new work announcement panel) on august 5 (japan time, obviously)

this thread will be a placeholder for the new title

UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?

I’m pretty sure theres already a darkstalkers thread.


hahaha good one


Hopefully it’s not crap.



Would laugh again.


I just bought SF4 like a week ago C’MON


Shouldn’t matter to you since it seems you enjoy buying games years late.


You’ll all get trolled when you find out it’s War of The Grail again.


Please let this one have something to with CVS or Darkstalkers. Either one will be good enough for me. (I honestly doubt this is the case, however).


Look, Divekick found a publisher and Capcom is announcing a new game. Coincidence?


They’d add FADC and ultra to make it more ‘beginner friendly’.


Darkstalkers has been overdue for a sequel. LONG overdue. When was VS released? 1997? Yeah, I was like 4 and now Im about to be in my 20s in a couple months. -_-…

Willing to bet that its DS4.


Since it says panel that would imply that it could be multiple announcements. I’m going with Darkstalkers, Iron galaxy work, and two new characters for A.E., or A.E. 2013.


As much as I’d love a new Darkstalkers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be something like SFxT AE.


Well, if it’s new title then all those rehashed title jokes are bad!!

Bring on Street Fighter 5!!!


I must’ve missed this news. That’s amazing.


And nobody mentioned Marvel 4.

I’m ashamed of you all.


Way too soon for Marvel 4. It’s Capcom, not Activision, they gotta go through a few more revisions/spinoffs before the sequel.


I like the part where no one really cares anymore. I’ll be enjoying my P4A while capcom fanboys cry about how capcom didn’t rerelease their favorite game instead of SFxT : The less Ass Edition


DS series was never popular in the US to begin with, not really surprised.