Capcom too lazy for Genei-Jin?

Does anybody know why they left Yun without Genei-Jin? It’s not like you can replicate it that easily with A-Groove. So did Capcom just skip implementing and programming it in or they thought it was overpowered? Or useless? What do you think? Because I’m trying to play Yun right now and it seems useless without it, lol.

Also, could the ‘Time’ system be the basis for leaving out some other 3S characters or Ryu’s Denjin Hadouken? I mean they inserted the parrying system. But most of the supers in the game seem to be the same; just pure rush of attacks or start from a throw.

In the upcoming CFJ they must have implemented it [Genei-Jin] because they are of course immitating the game directly.

Just wondering :confused:

it would be redundant for yun to get that super because a-grove does just that.
evil ryu has the denjin, it’s more of a balance issue.

Actually the A-Groove edition is much slower and Yun cannot do a lot of his standard combos. Not to say that the A-Groove should immitate Genei-Jin, afterall it’s based off of V-ISM.

As far as Ryu’s Denjin, it does have a different name (forgot right now) and it does a lot more damage and also requires a Max meter. The original Denjin was one 3s meter and quite easy to load. The one in CvS2 always stuns on hit whereas the 3s one does a little bit of stun meter depending on its Level.

But yeah, as you mentioned, it’s probably a balance issue then.

well think about it… if they gave him the genei-jin it would HAVE to be a lvl3. Ending a custom combo with genei-jin would just be obscene. If it was indeed a lvl3 it might also create some weird juggle opportunities after it wears (but they could fix this i guess).

Same goes for denjin… it would also HAVE to be a lvl3. Also, If you could charge it manually it would be fucking awesome wouldn’t it? How would non-JD/Parry grooves escape it? Some major tight reversals… does he recover in time to punish a roll?

Anyways, it would lead to MAD damage. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be too good. ESPECIALLY for evil Ryu… that mofo doesn’t need a meaty unblockable dizzy. He’s already got meaties that can dizzy if they connect

they knew they made a mistake in 3s nuff said

Lol. It’s so fashionable to call Capcom lazy isn’t it?