Capcom+ tron?

Anybody tried this duo?

c.fierce+tron xx qcf+kk?

might as well:

tron assist makes hcb+fierce safe since it guards capcom’s weak area (front). happy spamming.

on their assist: j. fierce, c. fierce + tron xx hcb+fierce xx captain sword = some sick amount of damage that uncombos. You can obviously DHC this if you think their point will retaliate

on their point, hit-confirmable qcf+kk from anywhere on the screen:
j. fierce, c. short + tron, c. fierce, qcf+kk = 93 damage

on point, timing specific:
j. fierce, c. short + tron, c. fierce, hcb + fierce = 85. If mis-timed, you the 3rd tron ring will interrupt the hcb+fierce, so you have to time it well. Don’t cancel into captain sword, as their point only takes a few points of damage at a 45 degree angle of the sword.

on point, bread and butter:
j. fierce, c. short + tron, c. fierce, qcf+lk = 76 or something. A lot safer than the above and about the same damage, plus you have frame advantage to keep up a rushdown. This should be your bread and butter (even if it’s blocked, it’s fairly safe).

on point:
j. fierce, c. short + tron, c. fierce xx captain sword = 90+ damage?
I don’t think this is corner specific, but I have to test further. This is good if want it for DHC purposes and you’re getting good at the hit-confirm hits with tron.

You can also mess with some variations of c. rh + tron xx hcb+fierce xx captain sword or qcf+kk, but I’d recommend staying away from them because they can obviously roll.

The best part about Capcom + tron? Even if Capcom gets snapped out, you now have capcom assist lol. Tron also covers Capcoms weakest point, his immediate front.

even ignoring the fact that you now have an EASY hit-confirmable combo into qcf+kk anywhere on the screen, this duo is too good because you have 2 of the top tier assists in the game. Kinda makes it hard to believe this duo hasn’t been abused before.