Capcom TVC EVO tournament winner

Anyone know the guy (I believe he plays as Fernando Z)? Apparently, he left before Capcom could present him his prize and now they’re looking for him, so that they can give him his prize.


how does one manage to do that

good luck with finding him

yo royal, isnt this truegamer?

I won???!!!
Woot woot!!!


LOLZ!!! Yes, will the real Fernando please stand up?!?

me & my friends left after MvC2 finals
the TvC SoCal seen is awsome like that, they’ll tell me…

told ya GirugaMarc…

thank god I claimed it, b4 he kept it 4 himself
thanks ll.nd for PM’ing me about this,
Yaris for calling me & RoyalFlush 4 being funny

also d3v for making the find & posting it on SRK

Haha. I knew you’d win it!


As soon as I read the post on Unity, I realized that whoever won would probably be hanging around SRK so I decided to post it here. Glad to be of service.

yeah so did GHOST(Jacob)

lol again thanks
the prizes are gonna be shipped to me today via UPS, but no telling when they’ll Arrive

now if only there was a Karas Action figure for a prize…lol

Good job man! Your plan of attack was definitely the win!

p.s. - you should hook me up with the Doronjo shit that they send you…if there is any Doronjo shit. I’ll pay shipping!

^^^She’s one of the main figures and one of the tiny figures. I’d totally want the Polymar, Ken, or Casshern (in that order) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I googled those action figures & a couple of sites were selling them
sorry but Im keeping the action figures until they Increase in Value…lol

well i got the shipment from the capcom guy today
but i got more prizes than expected!!!
no lie

my prizes are:
6 Tatsunoko action figures (Ken, Doronjo & both side kicks, Polymar & Casshern)
2 DVDs,
Battle of the Planets Vol. 1 & Cashan Robot Hunter (im thinking a movie)
TvC Japan T-Shirt

& something Extra:

Legend of Chun-Li movie
Street Fighter 4 Original SoundTrack
Street Fighter 4 pins (google it)

& wait for it:lol:

3 Grab and Go Pringles cans (Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Chetter Cheese)
im dead serious about the last one…:lol:
anyways the Prizes are great but something is puzzle-ing me…
on All 3 Pringles can
theres some sort of writing on it
its on the front of the can & very noticable (Im thinking its a Signature or something)
the writing is:
IFC YEPES…at least thats what I think it said

I’ll be uploading the Pictures of all my prizes later on 2day
since its 1:30am right now…

OH SHIT… You got the yipes signed pringles can? Yipes is the dude who came up with the whole “pringles” thing.

fukin cool!

i remember now
i heard that Seth got Yipes to autograph a bunch of Pringles cans at Evo this year…

awsome, but…
can I still eat the Pringles though?

here are All of the Pics…

I couldnt upload the Sour-Cream & Onion one…some error on the Website…
but its the same as the others
IFC Yipes SIgnature

Haha, you got the 90s casshern. That shit’s so rad, you get to see tits in that. It’s like the post-cyber-pocalypse and robots are torturing chicks with their tits out and casshern’s gotta murder all the robots. 90s as hell.

Edit: Also yeah, eat the pringles, it’ll power up your marvel game, if you care about that kind of thing.

I wonder why Casshern comes with a swan…

I kinda wanna see 90’s Casshern. Saw all of Casshern Sins ;P.

The swan is actually a robot swan. It may or may not contain the soul of his dead mother, and it helps him spy on braiking boss.