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Post was started by Jason24cf. I just wanted to post it on SRK if anyone hasn’t seen it yet. Speak up about the changes to Fei.


Oh man, reading some of the replies to the Fei thread…smh

Now everyone is like “deal with it”. Ok let me just ultra people…wait it doesn’t always lead to full animation…let me just command grab my way to victory…oh wait it’s the slowest in the game…let me just DP on wake up…oh wait it’s 5F and its invincibility frames are ass

Good thing I have an instant footsies/comeback move which is my Rekka…oh wait it doesn’t work like that

I feel like the cries for nerfs to Fei came from people who don’t even use him and/or are only mid tier players at best, who don’t understand why he’s fine the way he is.

What I shudder to think of is a “buff” that they’ll give him which would be making his Rekkas FADCable, or a cr MK Rekka cancelable. Things we don’t need or want really.

I reiterate, not one Fei mainer at EVO top 8, and not for lack of enthusiasm either. I know other Fei’s (myself included) worked hard to try and do well at EVO :frowning:

I’ve always had faith that Capcom will do the right thing, and lets face it Ultra will not be balanced. If it takes them another patch after Ultra comes out then so be it. I support Jason for trying to make his voice heard and ill add my two cents there about the silly changes as well, I suggest everyone here do that as well and don’t feed into the people who can’t see why these changes aren’t good. All you’ll be met with is ire, lets face it, nobody likes getting Rekka’d and they think our character is brain dead. We know better that this is far from the truth.



put in my two cents, thanks Jason for making the thread.


I’m not sure the scrub capcom unity whining is why he’s getting nerfed.

Seems more like Peter ComboFiend is just hell bent on making this character irrelevant next version.


I posted support. Buffing some characters is necessary, but butchering characters that are strong but not OP is not how you balance a game


Done with the Capcom site. The less traffic I can give them the better.


Here is a PM that was sent to Combofiend by a friend of mine from Japan.

Hello im an arcade player from Japan and want to know why these changes were made to Fei Long as it looks like hes been singled out when cammy was nerfed she atleast got something back to conmpensate, Fei Long has been getting straight nerfs since 2012 and hes becoming more boring each version due to he now only relies on strong basic fundamentals, he has limited combos, hes strong because he has strong fundamental, with his rekka and cr lk nerfs and with buffs Yang has gotten theres absouloutly no reason to play Yang over Fei.

The rekkas now nearly the same range as Yangs,

•Yangs rekkkas are safer -1 on the first one.

•if you do rekka x2 and FADC it you are around plus 4 on advantage on block he gets 50/50 mixup on hit.

There are literrally no real advantage of Feis, Fei has to actually space his rekkas to make them not punishable Yang does not have to bother.

Yang can do everything Fei can do and alot more for example

•he has a low foward that can cancel into rekkas, feis furthest reaching special cancel normal is cr lp.

•Yang has dive kick and faster command grab with more range.

•Yang has 2 actual useful ultras that both can be combo into.

•Yang has actual mixups where Feis mixup when he knocks you down is just crossup

•Yang has a higher damage output.

•Yang has actual frame traps, the only normals Fei long is advantage on is st lp which is character specific since it can whiff on crouching characters, st mp which starts up to slow to start a frame trap game and cr mp is his faster universal normal that gives him frame advantage but there is no real reason to press a button after a blocked cr mp due to the pushback and fei isnt going to get a full combo out of it if he scores a counter hit from it due to how far hes pushed back.

Good anti fireball move with ex rolls kicks, Fei cannot punish fireballs on reaction as his ex chicken wing starts up too slow its 18 frames he has to make a read to punish unlike yang who can do it on reaction,

heres a video i created a long time for Yang players showing his practical combos, top value is damage, bottom is stun.

It seems to me capcom listened to the whiners of Yang who did not explore the characters combos because Yangs problem was not his damage output it was fine his only problem was with his crossup nerf you can just disrespect Yangs mixup and there was certain characters like Rose where Yang could not crossup at all.

Fei has constantly been nerfed without any attempts to keep him fun to play and he just gets the shaft when other characters like viper who don’t even play footsies they got stuff to keep her interesting when they her in 2012.

I don’t mind Fei getting nerfed but there are better ways of doing it, even characters like Guile and Ryu who are considered 2 dimensional have fun tricks to them. Fei’s rekkas define the character other characters 3 hit attacks are refered as rekkas because Fei is the originator its like giving Ken a worse DP than ryu.

I would also like capcom to aknlowdge the bugs Fei has for example his command grab in the following video against rose he can randomly far st hp instead of close st hp which does not combo after tenshin or special cancel.

And problems with his rekkas where characters like sakura, rose randomly fall out of rekkas on hit leaving him wide open for punishment.

It really disturbed when i saw the balance suggestions for Fei on the offcial capcom JP blog post where they took a ken players oppinions to what changes Fei should get and not the oppinion of the actual people using him, this version seems more like fan service and not real balance as its easier to shaft Fei Long players because theres not many fei player compared to other character.");

Very well said and valid.


Fei is balanced as is. They got him right with AE 2012. No reason to change him.


Also those are very good points about Yang compared to Fei. If their rekka range is similar now, with the attributes Yang has and will be getting (cmk cancel to rekkas, rekka-fadc, better mix up, better command grab, divekicks) some people might say what’s the point of playing Fei over Yang in the next version. That rekka range does matter.

On a related note Fei players for years have argued for crouching medium-cancel (though in past versions it would have overpowered the character), but now with the range reduction, it seems more reasonable. Capcom of course won’t do that though, but it would be nice if they did as adding it would not overpower Fei now with the proposed rekka range nerf.


I know of 1 of Fei Longs buffs and its a JOKE!

That said I will not mention it, but I promise you, if you heard the buff you would say to yourself



wait “Joke” as in omg thats not useful, or omg thats too good.


His sweep is 2frame less on recovery. I’m calling it.


Is it as much as a slap to the face like when they gave those AE to v2012 nerfs and only gave us +10dmg to overhead?(Am I the only one that feels that’s was a slap to the face?)


Ok I will tell you. The 1 frame we lost on cr LK went to EX tenshin. So instead of it being 12 frames its now 11 frames. I need to really update my profile pic.


Seriously? wtf man, we’re getting the AE treatment that the rest of the cast got in that vesion :frowning: They should just seriously leave Fei alone


I just remembered about a conversation I had with Combofiend at VXG.

I told him something along the lines of that the Rekka changes would change Fei Longs current category of Rekka to more of a “combo filler” category(implying that the Rekka change goes against Fei Longs design and identity). In response basically he said something like that he agrees with my thoughts that Rekka is going to be more of a “combo filler” category and that he wants Fei to do something other than “Rekka all day” so they are nerfing that area and giving him other stuff(he didn’t mention what they would give him).


This does make cl.LP > EX Tenshin super tight I suppose. Hitting with the 1st active frame of standing LP, you normally get 10-11 frames of blockstun after it ends. With a 12-frame Tenshin, that leaves a 2- or 1-frame gap in between. Not enough for any normal attack, but it gives a split second to detect the move and some extra room to wiggle out.

With an 11-frame Tenshin, you have to be sniffing that Tenshin out beforehand to catch it because the active frames on the Tenshin will be out there immediately after the blockstun on the jab ends. Opponents can still mash DP but there’s no reaction time granted. It’s only possible if you sniff it out before. Against players that are really on-edge and can react to 12- or 13-frame attacks, that extra frame can make the difference.

Only other use I’d see for this is with cl.MP where you get +7 frames on hit. Most people will block to avoid being combo’d from that, but some will mash crouch tech or something else. The shorter Tenshin time will make it easier to catch opponents while they decide “to crouch tech or not to crouch tech”.

Now, if cr.LK were cancelable, that could be cool. Sure 4-frames is a huge cripple, but if it either has more +frames or can cancel right into a move, that would be nice.


I wish they bring back being able to do cr. MP into HK CW to cl. HP x rekkas. Let it scale, but it gets boring just doing rekka in the corner and that’s it. He has at most a 10 hit combo, including FADC x U1.


Too bad that people don’t know that “Rekka all day” can easily be countered by neutral jumping. I should know because it happens to me all the time, lol.

As people have mentioned millions of times before, this lack of people not going to the lab/ not learning the matchup/etc. is why ppl think Rekkas are unfair and want them castrated worse than John Bobbit.

I know… I’m preaching to the choir.


Maybe that’s because you are predictable with them? If rekkas were immune to neutral jumps, there would be literally no way to counter them, making them a bit OP, don’t you think?

Even though I strongly disagree with the nerfs, I don’t think Yang will surpass Fei in ALL departments. He will still have (if they don’t change anything more in Ultra) many qualities over Yang, such as:

  • In footsies, Yang is just mediocre. Fei, well, he’s probably the strongest character in the game, so a little nerf was expected.
  • Yang’s whiff punishers are either slow, or don’t do much damage. Fei, on the other hand, will still have rekkas,, cr.hp,, st.hp, cr.lp xx rekka.
  • Yang’s reversal game is almost non-existent. Sure he can FADC his dp, but have you seen the range and damage of that move? Fei has a much better dp which can be FADCed into CW, which does very good damage and grants you a free safe-jump.
  • The command grab. Yang’s is faster and has better range, sure, but he doesn’t get much damage off of it, while Fei still gets a full punish combo from an un-reactable mixup.
  • Yang’s damage output is low. I don’t care what people say, he gets like 200 damage from a punish. It’s even worse than Bison. Fei, while still not phenomenal, does pretty good damage with rekkas alone.
  • Yang’s corner game is not as good as Fei’s.
  • Fei’s rekkas will still be much better than Yang’s. They only seem to have nerfed the range of the light version, so saying that Fei’s rekkas will be the exact same as Yang is only partially true. Medium and Hard are still excellent footsies tools, and I’m not even mentioning the EX version, which is one of the most powerful moves in the entire game.

Fei is a simple, yet strong character based on fundamentals, while Yang is more gimmicky and mixup oriented. I don’t think Yang will make Fei obsolete, as he’s still a very different character. Will he surpass him on the tier list? Probably. Will Fei become useless and unplayable? Hell, no.