Capcom Unity suggestion box - The next step in getting our Cody requests listened to



Cody fans -

Most of you, or at least the most dedicated of you, took part in the Cody voting process to get our voices heard in the Capcom studio regarding things we want looked at for Cody when the rebalance the game. Great initiative from the community, but now its time to follow on and get something seen outside of

Next step in the process, which I missed and I’m sure many of you others will miss too, is how to bump this up this up the ratings on Capcom Unity’s suggestion board. The more we represent the better.

Please do the following and we may get a result.

First off go to and set yourself up an account (it takes 2 mins).

Then go over to here and do a search for ‘Street Fighter’

When you find the Cody post that zUkUu wrote up click “vote up” this will help bump it up the ratings.

Hope this helps the cause.


Help’s a lot. Thanks for making this it’s own thread!

This is important because if you look at Seth Killian’s initial post about the suggestion box, he says - “This ‘Ask Capcom’ forum is the right place for questions, but if you have suggestions (there’s a big difference!), you should try the Capcom Unity Suggestion Box.

Also, just so nobody get’s confused, do not type in ‘street fighter’ in the search bar; simply switch the category from ‘-unspecified-’ to ‘street fighter’. Using the search bar will take you to a different place completely.

A wise man once said - “vote or die”… oh wait… that was P.Diddy :sweat:


We need more votes guys. Almost a 100 people voted in the rebalance thread. If half as many voted in the suggestion box, it would guarantee that our suggestions are looked at by capcom!


true dat. but you gotta remember the marvel polls. those weren’t exactly the most heavily weighted when ultimate came out. just tame your expectations. still, vote on capcom unity because they hardly look at the more hardcore base (eventhubs and SRK) and more on casual (capcom unity and ign, etc.)


I disagree, more than half of the 12 new characters in Ultimate were popular in the poll. Doc Strange, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Vergil, Frank West, Phoenix Wright and Strider were all heavily favored characters in the 2nd Round polls. Of course you can’t realistically expect to get everyone…Capcom def took that post into consideration though.


I voted it up awhile ago since I already have an account there. It reminded me that they need to clean that thing up so that it isn’t bogged down by MML3 spam requests and already done things. I saw a “put Third Strike on PSN/XBLA” one on there :confused:


Thanks for voting guys. Let’s hope capcom takes into consideration that at least its on the top in the street fighter category (damn MML3 spammers… >_>).