Capcom USA the the SF license

I’m not saying I want more DOA4’s, far from that.

There is a difference however between having a game created by the best of the best along the lines of what they want and think is perfect, and creating a game that has lasting appeal to everybody. Nor does it make the game a scrub game.

Furthermore nobody can agree on things, so you get a conflicting set of problems. Several game companies have had their games beta tested and co designed by actual pro gamers (guys who win upwards of 50 grand a year in prize money and have sponsorships on top of that) and every time this happens the game flops right after because the people who’s input was taken in represented only a tiny portion of the target market, and their styles conflicted. It doesn’t matter what genre it’s in.

Like it or not Capcom needs new blood, and a new base of users. A lot of the people that grew up with street fighter 2, are no longer gamers, or have moved on. In order to make profit (and thus insure that they keep making these games), the game has to be fun, addictive, have a broad appeal. Look back at some of the earlier street fighter games (you know the ones that created the fighting game genre), they sure as hell aren’t scrubby. They have a ton of depth and a continual learning curve, but they were also easy to get into and could attract a huge base of players.

Capcom has made several games the right way on their own, they know what they are doing. At the pinnacle of their time capcom their games appealed to everybody and were fun for everybody.

Yeah, this is the main point that’s been bothering me. 2D fighters are still relatively popular in Japan, but they’re just as good as dead here. So why is they giving Capcom USA the license? Is this because Capcom of Japan think the popularity of SF is higher than it really is based on the Udon comics? We’re a very small fanbase, really…

And Cammy appearing in Streetwise? Dang. More bad news. Sometimes I wonder just how badly will this game bomb.

Have we actually had anything new beyond Guilty Gear?:confused:

Hmm… I dunno… Some SNK titles?
Guilty Gear isn’t really new anymore, anyway ^^;
They’ve been using the same sprites and engine since 2000…

Given that CoA had already owned some properties of the SF license (such as Deejay, Final Fight, and *I think * Cammy) it makes perfect sense that CoJ would choose to sell the rights to them as opposed to an outside company.

BTW. Why are people **just now ** bringing this up? This discussion’s pretty much obsolete given that the sell-off happened ages ago. Nothing anyone can say will alter what’s already been done. Unless you had a time machine…

slash is a bit different… but yeah, in general, it’s the same bullshit…

capcom fighting jam was somewhat new…maybe kof or samsho tenka… hokuto no ken prolly (never played it myself)…

yeah… that’s all i know…

I hear cfj sucked because capcom of usa made it? Heard they just rehashed old stuff.

:rolleyes: Are you fucking dense? I’m not asking why they’ve done it, I’m asking how it is even possible if they’re simply divisions of the SAME COMPANY. As far as I know, IP rights are held by a company as a whole, not a specific division. So either I’m wrong in that assumption, or they’re two legally separate entities.

Because despite everyone saying it happened ages ago, it was pretty much based on hearsay and lines translated from Japanese websites, and while this isn’t the first piece of reliable evidence that the move had taken place, it’s the first one that has been brought to our attention in this manner.

it does suck… it sucks major cock

I wanna playtest a game now. That made me laugh hard.

Well, Polarity pretty much summarized what I was about to say. I brought the topic up because this is the first time I actually see a tangible proof of this copyright change, it got me wondering if anybody had any details about it, and since I couldn’t find anything online, I just thought “hey, why don’t I ask in the shoryuken forums?”

It’s a bad rehash job, but it isn’t made by Capcom USA. Or at least, japanese people are still credited in the ending credits, and the game is produced by Keiji Inafune (of Mega Man fame). I doubt he moved his ass to america to supervize the game if it was made here…

Noritaka Funamizu, I miss you…

Jackass. If you had any ounce of intelligence, you would have known that you had already answered your own question. They’re NOT the same company. True, they’re still Capcom but have entirely different turfs. Each division of Capcom release entirely different titles that may or may not be released within another division. Remember back when SNK USA closed down & moved to Japan? Would SNK USA closing down mean that SNK as a whole shuts down? No.

Do you know the similarities between Verizon Wireless & Verizon DSL? That they’re both run by the same mother company, but other than that are two entirely different divisions & have different rights. Same goes for SoA and Segasoft (back when they were still active).

If the IP rights were the same for each division, then that would mean that any one of Capcom divisions could develop SF titles as they pleased and it wouldn’t matter. That’s not how it goes though, because CoJ owned the SF (since they created it) so if other divisions of Capcom chose to do so, they would have to get the approval from CoJ (now from CoA). While Capcom as whole is owned by the same mother company, each division is operated entirely differently. Capcom USA is Capcom Entertainment. So to answer your question, no the rights aren’t the same.

Because despite everyone saying it happened ages ago, it was pretty much based on hearsay and lines translated from Japanese websites, and while this isn’t the first piece of reliable evidence that the move had taken place, it’s the first one that has been brought to our attention in this manner

Do realize how ignorant this sounds. Unless you were trapped in a cave when the news first occured, it’s nothing new. Back in 2004 Akiman (SF artist) broke the news of the selloff on his site, not to mention the copyright on the back of CFE cases stating clearly that Street Fighter is a registered trademark of Capcom USA. That aint heresay. All it takes is a little common sense. Don’t blame your ignorance on others.

One more thing. To the people saying that CoA developed CFE. Not true. CoJ developed it. The only reason people seem to think that CoA created it is because their name was tagged along with owning the SF license. Last time I checked, Red Earth & Darkstalkers weren’t SF licenses.

Well from what I read capcom is changing their strategy as of late. In the past they would make games that they know japanese people would love. (in other words cater to that market)
If the game was that good then they would translate it to english and sell it to USA and europe.
Of course marketing companies would take the game and transform it in a way that their market would love (hence rockman to megaman. ect…)

As of late capcom is changing their strategy by spliting their studios like clover studios ect… The prupose of this is for USA and europe to make games for their own country target market and then if it’s good they will transfer it abroad.

I hope their strategy works.

check the profit margin in usa or euro then compare it to japan and you will have your answer to a ton of questions about the entire industry.

Japan is a market that has been tapped, what’s good there almost never translates into global profits. On the other hand the US and euro, are where mas profits are (baring PC gaming run aways).

Sony sued themselves bro, anything is possible =)

I don’t think that’s true.

There’s tons more Japanese titles that translate and sell much better in other territories, then American or European games, making it in Japan.

There’s only a handfull of series that have made a dent in the Japanese gaming scene, whereas there as been countless titles and franchises from Japan that have been monumental successes in other places.

Really now. You don’t have any idea just how many well known Japanese franchises stay in japan. Small companies have a much easier time there, and Sony of Japan is much more lenient for 2D graphics for starters.

We do get most of the big name Japanese series that don’t involve virtual dating. (Tokimeki Memorial and Sakura Taisen anyone?) or licensed Giant Robots (Super Robot Taisen) But those are only a small fraction of the gaming scene over there.

And while Japanese games were what gamers mainly cared about in the 90s, the attention has pretty much shifted in North America now. Games developped in North American are what the masses buy. Japanese games are mainly catering to geeks like us. :wink:

Hmmm… Don’t assume everybody knows that is going on in the industry at all times. I’m pretty sure this little bit of info never made it to the headlines of the gaming press, and no, I don’t read japanese well enough to hang on Akiman’s blog so I can get all the juicy info from him. My initial question was, in fact, asking if there was any official word on the matter somewhere. A Capcom press release, or something. People have been quick to talk about Akiman’s blog, but everything else is conjecture. A link to some translation would have been nice. :slight_smile:

I read those articles a few days ago… The thing about Capcom trying to cater more to the US is bad news…

imagines Megaman in Ecko clothes wearing bling bling

I think capcom is trying to make games specifically for american’s. And if it does well then they will port it to japan.

I wonder if capcom will ever break into the sports market?