Capcom Vs series future?


I wanted to throw the question out there hoping that somebody would answer or build on the idea. I have played all of the games in the Vs. Series and love them to death. Considering how Capcom joined up with somebody as random as tatsunoko when do you think Capcom would be serious in regards to development of a new Vs. Title. I mean I know they are focusing all they have now on street fighter 5 and I am all for it but I like to see a lot of different characters from many of the franchises.

Who would you want to see in a new Vs title?

What are the odds that they will pick up Vs. After street fighter 5?

Who would you want them to pair up with for the new Vs Title or cross over?

Personally I would want to see Wayne or some people from lost planet or someone like Jake Muller or Leon make an appearance. I wouldn’t mind dark void or something being mixed in. Mega man zero would be pretty awesome too. Just something absolutely different to go forward with.

I think the odds are slim but there is still hope.

Personally Mortal kombat street fighter seems like an awesome idea as a cross over. As to the cross DC would be just as cool but nether already working with them.


It’s definitely something to consider. I really can’t say what the series’ future will be like going ahead, since they haven’t announced any plans for future Vs. games. If they do, however, I really want Nintendo vs. Capcom. I know I’m not the only one who wants that. Even if it can’t happen, a Capcom All-stars game in traditional Vs. game style would be good, too.
The most practical thing I can think of is having some non-SF characters in SF5. Would be interesting.


They have more than enough great characters to make a great capcom all stars game. That is if they take it seriously (unlike Capcom fighting jam).



The same future this guy has at Capcom:


Capcom Vs Shonen jump


Based on their most recent actions, the company they could likely work with for a new Vs game would be Sony.


I think I’m good on the Vs games for a while. I wouldn’t mind seeing Capcom pick up a license for something cool though.


I really think they should do a “Capcom vs Capcom” where they only use their own characters (they have tons) or they should just create a new airdasher IP. I REALLY believe that a new IP from one the more recognizable FG developers would be a very good thing for the genre.


I’d like to see a Capcom vs. SNK 3, but I doubt that will ever happen since 2 was over a decade ago.

Don’t care about Marvel vs. Capcom since I’m not an American comic books fan.

As for potential future crossovers… I’ve always found SxT to be an awful idea since both games are so different. And I can’t think of any other fighting game series that’s similar to SF as KoF is. At least not any major franchise.


Its unfortuntate that Capcom lost the rights to Marvel and Tatsunoko. As we well NEVER get that Marvel vs Tatsunoko super-hero mega fighting game I REALLY REALLY WANTED


This whole thread can be summed up pretty easily then closed.


Let’s hope they make some serious coin! Then let’s hope for another vs! Snk 3 please!


Don’t see another mvc in the future with capcom’s current finances and marvels money hungry approach after the success of the mcu
would love to see capcom vs snk(well playmore now)3 but like everyones said thats a low probability.and tatsunoko 2 is a pipe dream
plus all the negative heat sfxT got doesn’t help much either.would like to see Darkstalkers vs skullgirls, would be cool granted its the niche meeting the more no chance in hell so the only other vs i can think of is mortal kombat which would probably be mk vs dc levels of awkward


Capcom did not randomly join up with Tatsunoko.

Tatsunoko Productions, at its height in the 1970s, was the animation studio in Japan. Many of the animes that Tatsunoko produced in that era formed the childhood memories of many Japanese born in the late 1950s to late 1960s and have profoundly shaped many of the video games that Capcom has produced.

For example, Casshan (1973) is one of the primary inspirations for both Megaman and Megaman X, along with Osamu Tezuka’s "Astro Boy (a/k/a Tetsuwan Atomo). The creator of both Megaman series, Inafune, admitted this in an interview he gave many years ago. Casshan’s nemesis, Buraiking Boss, is the direct inspiration for Sigma from Megaman X.

And that’s just one example.

As far as this thread is concerned, I’d love to see Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2, solely for the inclusion of Speed Racer and the 3 Samurai Pizza Cats, all of whom strangely were not in the first game.

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll ever see the above game, or even Street Fighter 2 vs Mortal Kombat.


Samurai Pizza Cats!!!

TvC2 needs to happen just for that 1or 3 players. Who does not love those cats!!!

Also to think that Ken Jun and Joe are not huge in every country except America is just laughable… Science Ninja Team/Gatchaman is a must for just about any culture… Shit even Ippatsuman and Yatterman were huge as fuck!!


Capcom vs SNK 3… even though, I am 99.9% sure that this is not going to happen.
Wishful thinking.


capcom vs itself, the do have enough titles and series to do that, plus their devolopers dig in the crates for forgotten titles.


I agree 100%. Capcom vs Capcom is all they need. There is no reason not to make another versus game…they don’t need rights to anyone else’s characters.


Capcom vs Sega

They have enough characters and but company(one more than the other) need the money