Capcom Vs series future?


well all 3 started as PS exclusives
Tekken was on PS Consoles until Tekken 6
Same goes with Arcana Heart
And the First & Latest Guilty Gear are PS exclusives right now


Part of the Challenge with a Playstation Crossover is Finding franchises that have a good amount of relevance with PS History Like the Aforementioned Tekken, Guilty Gear, and Arcana Heart. Whereas when you have characters like Big Daddy and Isaac Clarke People are just going to look at them like they have no place in this PS Crossover because the franchise either started on another system or has always been a Multi-Platform franchise


Tekken started on Arcades

Guilty Gear was eventually on Dreamcast and PC


While that is true a lot of us like to associate arcade releases with the console releases whether it be multi platform or developed with the core technology of the console in question, and while it is true that Guilty Gear has been on a Multitude of Platforms, Guilty Gear Xrd and Revelator have gone back to being Playstation exclusive


I want Marvel vs Capcom 4.


Also all Tekken games before Tekken 6 were built with the core technology of the Playstation


I guess that’s why they were always released for Arcades first and on consoles second


We need Capcom Vs. WWE.
Gimme that Akuma Vs. The Undertaker dream match bruh.


Capcom vs. PlayStation All-Stars would be interesting. More than anything though I wish that could play Marvel vs Capcom 3 on my PC.


Here is how Marvel Versus Capcom 4 can be made:


What Smash playing 12 year old wrote that?


Darkstalkers vs Guilty Gear would hyper than a three old on coffee.


That would be OK, not as good as:

Samurai Shodown vs Last Blade
Samurai Shodown vs Guilty Gear
Last Blade vs Guilty Gear
Samurai Shodown vs Blazblue
Last Blade vs Blazblue
SNK vs Arcsys


Tekken x Street Fighter 2016 is my choice after the much-refused Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat, and my third one is Capcom Fighting Evolution 2. Let the Xbox gamers have Killer Instinct vs. Mortal Kombat because they were denied Street Fighter V.


I would like to see capcom give a big middle finger to Disney and have them re-release UMvC3 on PS4 but rename it simply “Mahvel” and swap out each of the Marvel characters with a Capcom character but keep the moveset of the replaced characters. Swap Magneto for Bison, Wolverine for Necalli, ect. Dose not even have to make sense as long as the game play is the samethats all that would matter.


Yoshinori Ono flirts with idea of creating Capcom vs. Nintendo fighting game


Now that SNK§ really embraced the 2.5D engine (the Maximum Impact series wasn’t really 2.5D), I think a Capcom vs. SNK 3 is more feasible. Or even an SNK vs. Capcom 2. In fact, I’d like to see them both.


Capcom vs Sega is the game that we deserve.

Lan Di and Bison on the same team. Hell yeah!


The matchups are all there. I’d love this as well.


Capcom vs DC