Capcom vs SNK 2 @ evo2012


Will there be any cvs2 at ev0? This will be my first time going to evo an I would really like to play some cvs2! Anyone?


Most likely at the casuals sections…there’s always a few setups around.


Yes we always have cvs2 side tourneys

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this game takes too much skill for this era of games


Unless it’s CVS2 EO


I’m glad Evo is back at Caesars. More room for BYOC.


Yes there will be a Tourney… There better be LOL…

I will talk to some people to make sure it happens. Just check back here.


I heard there will be a BBCS2 side tournament as well, is that true? Will they still need to pay the $50? Since it’s still a side tournament.


What day will the side tourney be on?


So who is going to host this? If no one will I will and end up winning the whole thing as well…
You all suck


You would have to beat me because ill be there for Cvs2. Lol.


Thats fine bring it… I’ll probably be posting a money match thread soon.


doubt your ngroove yama/dan is getting top 8 lol…

unless you are playing better teams/grooves now. of course I will play if I actually make it to evo.


You should go. You’ve never been to one evo aside from evo east 06 (this doesn’t count) haha.


I was at 07 too:eek:

cvs2 all day and wasn’t even bored. there were so many people.


Airic, you want to work together to make this happen? We could use another setup. I’ll make a thread soon with some of our ideas (me, 2000 Watts, Maka and LionX been talking about this for a while), but in the meantime if anybody has ideas they should post here.

I’d really like to see the Md and other EC players enter this year - last year was dominated by socal entrants. I’m trying to get more norcal people to play this year, hopefully Leezy and Phil can make it out.


Lets just say I can’t say … but its nice seeing you dude hope you make it to evo.

For sure I got a ps2 and a copy of cvs2 good to go…


I’m down for watching some high level CvS2 play


Capcom really needs to make a port of this game for the new gen consoles.


And Seth Killian was like: "Bitch please."
I do wish they’d give it a port but the era of these consoles is coming to a close (allegedly) and developers will probably be putting a lot of projects on the back burners. Ubisoft cough cough Beyond Good and Evil 2 cough cough