Capcom vs SNK 2 Gamecube Version


I’m just wondering if the the Gamecube version of Capcom vs SNK 2 suffers from any graphical problems or frame rate issues. I want to play the game, and the Gamecube version is cheaper. Let me know if there is any problems with this version because if so, I will spend the extra cash on the PS2 version. Thanks to anyone who helps.


The main problem I saw with it was if you don’t have a gamecube arcade stick that controller is impossible to play that game with. THe analog stick is hell for fighting games and that d pad gives you motions you don’t want while ignoring the ones you do. I didn’t notice anything graphically wrong but I didn’t play it for very long before putting it away forever because of controller issues.


I had fun with it when I had it but they add the cheater stick for a reason. You can use to C stick to perform moves because the stick/d-pad is crap for 2d fighters.


I’m planning to use a stick to play the game. I was aware of the bad controls, I just wanted to know if there was any graphical problems with that version.


I played it extensively and own a copy of the game and never noticed any graphical issues. I’m not sure if it’s arcade perfect as far as balancing and move properties go but the game itself works great. There’s even a cool (?) customisation mode for character colors and names.


I believe they took out Roll Canceling in the Gamecube and Xbox versions. I’m not sure about that though.


The gamecube and xbox versions don’t have roll canceling, have a few character nerfs (blanka and sagat, if I remember right) plus A and P groove have slightly different properties.

If you’re really serious about CvS2 get the PS2 version or even the DC version. The Xbox and gamecube versions are neither tournament standard nor very good.


P Groove let you cancel specials into super, which was a huge buff


And in A-groove you could air activate even after committing a move (wtf). I think they worsened the recovery on Cammy’s cannon spike. Just get the PS2 or DC version if you want to play seriously.


I’m wanting to do that too but on the Wii. But not sure if the TvC stick will work for it. Anyone knows if it does?


you can do a charge move w/o charging cause of the EO mode or whatever it’s called iirc.


If you’re gonna be serious about CVS2 don’t play it, removal of roll cancel, balance changes, removing some in-game sounds, EO mode, definitely more

Otherwise it’s still fun with your neighbor who has no idea how to play :3


Dont get it. If you got it return it. Now, go find yourself a ps2 or DC copy of the game. People have listed the reason’s why you should not play this version.


PS2/DC version FTW! My friend had the GC EO version. It was craptacular!


Tournament standard? What tournaments?

DC version is the best, but it was an NTSC-J and must be imported. Its ridiculously cheap though but just saying.

And fuck RC.


RC is bs no doubt but it made a lot of otherwise unusable characters good (and made blanka SSSSSS tier). I think you can have tons of fun with EO but if you wanna play at arcades or sidetourneys and not get destroyed I would have to agree that PS2 or DC is the way to go.


Another vote for DC/PS2 versions. Totally Arcade perfect as far as i can tell…

Wish this game came onto XBLA/PSN/iPad/3DS tho…