Capcom Vs Snk 2: Match Analysis

I figure i start a overall capcom vs snk 2 thread. The basic concept to this thread is for players that are trying to understand a match better . I.E Blanka v.s Sagat , Cammy v.s Bison etc. Not so much for individual how do i play said charecter. This is about matchups etc.

So if anyone got some or want to post some fire away.

This is a good idea psx but another thing that might work is something like this. You would give a link to a match that can be downloaded and watched. Then you would analyze the match and explain what each player is trying to/wants to do in a match, just a thought. Good luck with the thread.

ahhh thats a good one i think i just might do that.

Well, I’ll start then.

Haohmaru vs. Hibiki

For anyone who’s going to respond just respond according to your own groove preference and in general. For example, when I get a minute to respond, I’ll respond based on C-Groove R1 Hoahmaru, and Hibiki in all other grooves. But I’ll have to respond to it later, because I am at work. Good thread.

Ok, here’s something I guess not many other people may know anything about, but I could use some ideas.

Vice (N) vs. Sagat (C, N, K, P, A)

I use vice mostly defensively, but I have to rush down sometimes. I’ve heard that because Sagat can’t duck under her high priority st. Strong she can run at him and rush down. I need help with move priorities mostly, as once I get in close I stand a pretty fair chance.


Rolento (A, or N) vs. Todo (A)

Shit, whenever he knocks me down he does a custom and rapes poor rolento… Super counter, and crazy roll canceling stops most of my pokes, wake up games, and jumpins. Help!

And Again

Rolento (A, or N) vs. Geese §
Rolento (A, or N) vs. Hibiki §

I have a lot of problems with this match up. I think I poke too much, and their P is too good for that. Other than kkk jump in empty and throw, or just throw knives all day, any ideas for mixups I can use? Keep in mind this guy (Jeff if you know about the 808 scene) is very good at anticipating parries and counters.

And thats about it.
My team btw is Chunli, Rolento, Vice in either A (rolento gets 2), N (vice gets 2), or S (whoever, S sucks…)

I’ll bite!

Branka (N-groove) vs M Bison (psycho, C-groove)

My main problem is his ridiculous jump priority. I can’t even beat his j. RH with st. fierce or RH. What’s up with that?

If I can rushdown him and he doesn’t have a L3 on hand, then I usually win. But if he keeps me away jumping all over the place and doing randomly well placed knee presses, then I get slowly drained until I die a horrible death. Who has the Theory Fighter advantage in this matchup?

Branka (N-groove) vs Mai (C-groove)

Okay, I suck, I admit it. But I can’t seem to stop J. RH, crossup LK interspersed with random annoying fan tosses. What should Branka do? hop fierce a lot, or something? I know Mai isn’t supposed to be top tier, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting past this.

When he jumps try a jump straight up fierce, that stops just about everything. Or even a razorkick ball thingy. Also if you have the meter try to have a stock brocken at all times, not only will that stop him from jumping (for fear of a level 3 ball), but will let you rush down better, giving you extra guard crush and damage. You might as well try for low jump rh, and kkk throw games. Oo O! And learn the level 3 crossup trick, that shit is tight! You’ll have to get someone else to walk you though it though…

But considering I don’t use those characters, I shouldn’t really be saying this…

Not only do you suck, but you should also know it’s Blanka not Branka. Here’s a trick that I read on some thread a while ago in countering fireball characters who stay far away throwing fireballs and play tricks with it. You should never jump at Mai from far unless it’s a super jump. Try walking in and block the fan toss and then walk into range where you can actually j.RH the next fan toss.

Ok, psx2000 if you don’t mind I’m going to do the first video demenstration thing.

The first match I decided to do is haramori vs ino (jap match)

Harmori-Sagat, Morigan, Blanka

Ino-Sagat,Chun Li, Blanka

The first match is a Sagat vs Sagat. In the beginning Harmori ( right side start) plays as if he is trying to have ino come to him with jumping fk, land fp, which obviously isn’t working for Harmori because he does not get a landed attack for about 16 seconds into the match. This first mini match changes when Ino gets Harmori into the corner, this is so because the only thing haramori has been doing the whole match is waiting, backing up, and waiting for something to counter.

When Harmori gets in the corner he knows playing counter is not going to work so he decids to go on the offensive, if not he would of been trap/dead/stuck in the corner. Once Harmori gets a hit landed the match totally changes and pushes Ino’s sagat into the corner for continious fk which leads to a dizzy. At this point the match is very very close life wise and Harmori has made a great comeback. To finish the match Ino trys a mk ( i think ) tiger knee which is blocked and countered with a throw.

Sagat(Harmori) vs Chun Li(Ino)

With very little life left, I think Harmori wanted to get as far as he could go with his sagat considering it had very little life. Harmori played very smart in this match IMHO by playing a simple game plan of if Ino gets close push her back with crouching kicks for some breathing space. Once this happens ino trys to jump in which Harmori counter attacked with tiger uppercuts sucessfully, and continues this process intill chunli has enough life to be finished off with a nice rolling fireball super (powered up) to finish off. In this match I think it was very bad for Ino because there wasen’t to much he could do to get in close to do some damage to sagat because of his range.

Sagat(Harmori) vs Blanka(Ino)

Nothing at all to this match, Sagat throws out a bad random FK which Blanka rolls at a perfect time for the easy throw to finish off Sagat finally.

to be continued later

Heres a matchup:

K-Bison vs K-Sagat

Ok, usually i can hold Sagat down with scissor kicks pressure, but once he starts pressuring with the low jumps, im helpless. I cant even trade with any attack of mine.Also sagat can mix up those tiger knees to tiger uppercuts… Any suggestions??

another trick that works on fireballs… his FP slide, it goes under most fireballs (not iori, rock, or any ground ones * sagat’s low super hurts :frowning: )

and his charge back forward kick is also pretty good, but also random and predictable


Amazing thread, and I’ve got a few things to ask.

  1. What’s an easy way just to get matches onto tape? Just go straight record onto VHS? If so, what’s an easy way to get that kind of stuff online? Cause we’ve got some great saved matches that we don’t want to delete/want to show off. =P

  2. This is just from my ignorance, because I should know, but I keep hearing that Habiki beats Shoto and Blanka, but I’m not seeing how. So:

Habiki (N) vs. Shoto (any groove)
Habiki (N) vs. Blanka (any groove)

  1. Results of Habiki vs. Hamarou: This is a phuky match when played out at high skill. If you are Hamarou, you want to stay away from your fierces. The slow amount of lag time either allows Habiki to jab him out of it or KKK into fun stuff. The major problem is that Habiki is able to pick it in up close, but it also able to range the hell out of you… If you are Hamarou, you need to actually keep alot of pressure on her and use the s.MP. That’s his only reliable distance poke against Habiki. Everything else she gets around. Try to rush in, keep it low with your Jabs and do some confusion with the top down special.

Also, this is where the fake fireball actually comes in handy. Habiki has a problem with ground fireballs, so she either has to use the groove defense (roll, parry, J-D) or jump over it… unless she blocks, when then you get to move into her. With this in mind, Habiki doesn’t like blocking that shit and tries to get around it. So, every now and then do a fake. The recovery time allows you to completely prepare for what she’s doing and school her.

Also, if she’s trying to rush you down, don’t forget the c.FP. That should keep the game on the group a little better, because if either of you jump, the other one basically gets a free hit (unless there is a groove defense like in C, P, or K). You just have to stay on her, because if she’s in her best range, Hamarou just takes a beating. C groove helps with Hamarou in jumping in, but I don’t think that it’s the best tactic still…

Abuser of the Yuri Trap - A work in progress
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help me out…


MAKI (c-groove) vs M. Bison (any groove)


Athena (c-groove) vs Iori (any groove)


  1. My friend just got a Mini DV Camcorder and its REALLY easy to get it on the computer. Just hook up the camcorder to the VCR and hook up the DC through the VCR. Turn on record and boom. Then use a program like Adobe Premiere or something that comes with your camcorder to get it in video. Then download Virtual Dub to encode it small enough to download and you’re all set.

  2. Its Hibiki, not Habiki. And Haohmaru.

Abuser of the Yuri trap? Pressuring with Yuri was one of my main strats back in CVS1 days, jchen style. I actually played Beni, Yuri, Cammy, and Blanka after seeing the vids of his solid pressure game. Benu, Yuri, and Cammy are my main pressure chars still in CVS2 but Yuri is a LOT less effective with rolling and parrying and such. Just check the title under my name and you know I’m all about the Yuri pressure :slight_smile:

Err…great anylasis. Would you slap me if I said that what I posted was an example…

Haohmaru vs. Hibiki.

Let’s put both characters into grooves into the best for them: N and K.

This is a very difficult matchup for Hibiki. Most of the time you get matched for pokes and Haoh’s slightly longer range is the decision. However, you have qcf+P, which seriously is what keeps Hibiki in this match. Basically, Hibiki needs to stand on the outskirts and slash at any whiffs, or get a cross-up and stay on the inside. Problem is, Haohmaru can poke through running jabs and stuff, so it’s not all that safe.

Once Hibiki is inside, the range difference isn’t too big. Haohmaru’s c.LK and c.LP still make life difficult. I live to aim for a Strong into overhead into a super to deal most of my damage.

For either character, a JD = momentum in poking. That rocks.

Hoahmaru (C-Groove) vs. Hibiki (Any groove)

First off, Hoahmaru is better with dashing than running. His move start up is slow so why would he run up to an opponent and then have a lag before the move starts? Dashing is the better option. I’d play some serious turtle in this match. I play a mix with him normally, but I would definately stay on defense the whole match. QCF +p is easily negated. Stay at the end of the move’s range. And when your opponent does it, jump straight up into the air (even better if you have small jump, unfortunately I wouldn’t) and come down like this: In air mp,,, The c. mp will knock your opponent down. If all four hits don’t connect, if the gets blocked, backdash. He has one of the fastest backdashes in the game. You could also come down and do a standing.fp but that’s not going to give you max damage because she isn’t as far away as she could be. (The further away your opponent is, the more damage they recieve.) I agree with the person who said to use the fake tornado. One of the few matches I actually do use it in.

I try to stay away when playing Hibiki. Do not roll through her supers if you are going to play keep away. She’'l recover before you and you’ll get hit. Getting in too close (esp. against an S or P Groove player) will get you killed. If I see an opening I’ll get in, use the punch throw and backdash out. The punch throw keeps your opponent on the ground for the same amount of time as if they had used delayed get up. I say edge goes to a turtle Hoahmaru in this one.

I’d really like to know why people say Rugal has a hard time against Vega and Bison (US).

Ok this is a good match.

It can actually go either way but i think sagat got the advantage only by a slim margin.

Ok here is how bison needs to fight sagat seeing your both in K its kinda hard cause of the JD.

First off bison needs to cross him up with forward kick. Sagat got little to no answers for cross ups and seriouslly bisons cross up ability is pretty good. Also bisons guard crush ability is almost the best in the game. So i would advise a lot of cross ups when the oppertunity persist it self .

Next the number 1 thing your going to need to do is anti air sagat. If he low jumps and kicks you to death bisons crouching fierce can snuff all sagats jump in attacks clean. And i mean clean they win all the time. This shuts down sagats low jumping game and he cant jd on a low jump.

Next if sagat normal jumps trying to bait a JD be very very careful. Some sagat players know they cant low jump so they test there JD ability by doing this. My advice if you got to hit him then alternate between crouching fierce and standing fierce. Crouching is the better choice but mixing them up throws there timing off a little bit and anything to mess there JD attempts up is a + and a must.

The number 1 rule is dont jump kick sagat cause bison owns him on the ground , but sagat owns bison in the air. If you jump in with bison , sagat can just jump straight up and fierce you out of the sky. So try not to go into jumping battles with sagat it will be the wrong attack method in this battle.

Overall those are the primary keys to work with in this battle in my opinion and I think you just need to intergrate that into your play style.

Can someone give me adivice on:
**any groove - Vega vs. A - M. Bison **

I just can’t get anywhere with this one. All of Vega’s attacks out prioritize everything M.Bison has, it’s just not right. I win this, but then I’m left with almost no health left. Help me…

Thanks in advance.

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