Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)

I was looking at for the new games being released, and I read that CvS2 is being reprinted and released in JPN on August 2nd. I searched here, and on google, and wasn’t able to find anything in regards to it other than the previous releases. Have any of you heard about this? Is it going to be different at all? I plan on getting it either way as I have a region free PS2, but I’m curious to know why it would need a reprint. Here’s the link to where I read of it.

If nobody knows anything about it, I’ll try to report what I find out once the game is released. Maybe they fixed the minor change in frame speed compared to the DC version. Who knows? I noticed they also did a re-release 2 years after the initial release. What is this for?


They rerelease a lot of them in Japan under The Best moniker. Probably cuz people still want to buy them. They’re generally the same. Just a new printing.

Also, Gamestop has the old North American version used for $30 - if anyone is looking. I’m not sure but I thought it was more expensive recently.

Remember that the re-issue of Hyper SF had gameplay revisions. apparently fixing O.sagat and claw’s wall dive. Maybe 1 or 2 things got changed up in the CvS2 re-issue aswell.

Fixing Roll Cancelling maybe.

As far as I know it’s the same game at a even lower price.

First release was $65, second release was $35, now it’s $20.

I seriously doubt Capcom would fix anything. Making changes in gameplay would create issues with online play (people who have previous releases vs people with the new release). IMO Capcom is too lazy to put that much work in a 2D-fighter.

If you want a “fixed” version go play the dumb Xbox version.

Wait, so is the reissue PS2 AE now on the same level as the CPS2 AE? :confused:

I already have the dreamcast version, i don’t see why botter to buy this one rite? I mean, it got nothing extra or diferent.

well… DC and playstation have some 1-2 frame differences in some cases… and playstation is what will be used in tournys


Yo hit me up.

Said that, i’ll stick with the DC version, also, here where i live is allmost inexistent to have a tourney… all here is about kof, kof, kof… and, oh yeah! KOF :shake:

try NGBC…less bullshit gimmicks than KOF but solid like ST without super high damage

cool I will probably pick this up from play asia when I get around to ordering garou makr of the wolves and the fuuun super combo (or whatever the kizuna encounter for ps2 bundle is called)

Sounds like you live in South America or Southeast Asia or some ish. SNK warriors.

In b4 all the RC mess shit again.


Oh, and thanks for the link, I’m buying it right now.

Actually, I believe, the GameCube version is the most “fixed.” It has some fixes that the XBOX EO doesn’t have.

The only “but” in this is that the only machine near me is about 40min. in bus or train, said that i preffer to spend most of my time in DDR, which arcade center has more games (nothing new tough, but at least it has some other games than snk’s utterly crap) and is only at 15 min. from my home.

Actually in Mexico, yeah, land of kof hacks in every god damn corner.

CvS2 is going for $16 used at GameStop as of last week. At least it is here…

wish they release it with progressive scan support:wasted:

Yeah. :confused: It would look so much better on the 52 inch plasma that way.