Capcom vs SNK 2 online discord group


This was posted in an earlier online play thread, however since this is recent I figured I’d make a new thread. I made a discord for CvS2 online play using a modified pcsx2 emulator. Here is the link: (
The guide I made on how to use this is also in the discord page, but if you have questions you can ask me here or the discord chat. I’m trying to spread the word about this so more people can use this to play online until fightcade can support the game. Good luck!

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we need more players, this works perfect with pcsx2. I have the complete file already configured. the instructions are up and is easy to use. hit me up my user name is J_513 at discort.


I will set it up once I have my wired net back online


What setup are people using to play this online. i am very interested. found an old YT of a match i played probably 10 years ago lol


Yeah I’d play this. What version of pcsx2 are people using?


gonna setup dophin soon when I am back home


Im also interested in this, how well does this version run?