Capcom vs. SNK 2 PS2 troubles


For some reason my PS2 copy of Capcom versus SNK 2 freezes whenever I try to start a versus game. It goes through the character select, groove select, stage select but when it finally loads the actual game it takes very long. When it finally stops loading it will play the character intros then freeze. I noticed sometime the character intros won’t have sound either.

I’ve already resurfaced the disc using one of those Skip DR. devices. I’ve cleaned the lens and even deleted my save file and created a new save file. All of my other PS2 games work fine.

Any ideas about this one?


Find an independent/local music/game shop and see if they have a Disc buffing machine(either Heat Buffer or one of those Azuradisc setups) and have them run the game through that. Should fix it. I have both in my store and those things can salvage 360 circle scratched games. Store bought disc repair kits are spotty at best.


try it on another ps2. my friend’s game did that once. well not exactly the same. one of his games (just the one game) wont load. sometimes you hear a spinning sound like its scratching, other times it’ll freeze at points.

he bought another ps2 from gamestop used for 20 bucks or something and now he’s ok. well he has a ps3 now and his ps2 just collects dust but you know what i mean.