Capcom Vs Snk 2 Strategy guide(brady)

Anybody know if the ps2 guide for Capcom vs Snk 2 for ps2 by bradygames is any useful or good? or the one for EO?

The Brady guide is good for balancing out tables that have one leg slightly shorter than the others.

uhhh…it lists moves…

the strats are…dated to say the least though :lol:

It’s got some cool pictures!

…That you could probably find online in higher resolution!

I don’t even think it has an a-groove section?

The game has the move lists built in. If you are reading this message, you know about this site, so you don’t need a book for strats. Brady guides are worthless.

Versus Books use to make some great fighting game guides, albiet a little funny with all their “cheese” and “cheap” references. What ever happened to them?

Brady Games guide said Yamas best combo was, That book is pure crap.

This book was outdated the moment it hit the stands. It is HORRIBLE. Really, REALLY horrible.


haha I had a Bradygames Star Ocean 2 strategy guide book it was very very useful except the part that the pages came out easily like as if it was one of those workbooks that you are suppoed to tear the pages from.

Moral of the story is Bradygames staff are con artists

I actually own that crap… but than again I also wasted a whole penny on that bitch:) (If someone is a complete newb, then it might help:lol: )

My friend has that book. I just saw it and laughed. Maybe that’s why he still does roll->rising tackle and basically plays like cpu Terry.

You people and ya A-Groove bullshit I think its useless

I had to hit this so I could make sure I saw that reply directly… Dude…A groove is fuck’in sick Sak and Bison are fuck’in sick…Me pressing 2 buttons and having invinceibility frames is fuck’in sick… :sad:

reviving this thread was not fuck’in sick. ;(