Capcom Vs. SNK 3 Battle of the Age 2012


april fools joke or real?


On April 1st (Japan time) no less…the new MVC3.


LOL MS paint is godlike

edit: lol geese pants



Do want. :frowning:


i hope to god you’re not trolling.


I cant read a whole lot of japanese, but I see words like “Chromehounds” and “robot action game” in the text.


WTF whoever made this if fake? That’s just mean-spirited.


Orientation of image: 1
File change date and time: 2010:03:30 23:21:17
Image input equipment manufacturer: Canon
Image input equipment model: Canon PowerShot A10
Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh
Exposure time: 0.0166667
F number: 8
Shutter speed: 5.90625
Aperture: 6
Exposure bias: 0
Maximum lens aperture: 2.97086
Subject distance: 0.491
Metering mode: 5
Flash: 1
Lens focal length: 5.40625
Focal plane X resolution: 6213.59
Focal plane Y resolution: 6193.55
Focal plane resolution unit: 2
Sensing method: 2

Fake. =/

Fuck you Japan.


I will be extremely disappointed if this isn’t real


This is clearly fake. Come on guys.


If fake, that’s just mean.


points to my above post.


Pretty obviously an April Fools joke.

Stop getting trolled FGD :bluu:


It’s obviously fake. C-Groove Kyo? Pfft.


Upon further inspection I am saying its fake aswell…

Lame April 1st joke…but cruel at that.’

the thing that gave it off is ryu from TvC and Kyo from KOFXII then the ryu behind the CVS3 logo is from third strike art…

also from my simple Japanese i can make out that this is not a fighting game…

alright well nothing to see here move along and I apologize for this troll


looks like a real mag scan


Why…Why bring our hopes up. But I knew it was fake anyway because I do not think the developers will have enough time to work on this anyway.


It’s hella fake, but still fuck you Capcom this wasn’t even funny


That’s a well-done fake at least


I think what we are more interested in right now is that otherversus game…