Capcom vs. SNK 3... oh yes its true!


I found this on a recent post on Twitter…

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono is not ruling out the possibility of Capcom vs. SNK 3. According to weblog minnows Kotaku (translated from an interview with French site jeuxacto), Ono is willing to listen to suggestions regarding a new entry to the series.

When I was doing interview for Onimusha, another title I produced, journalists would always ask me if Capcom was going to develop Street Fighter IV. This caused us to think that this was the right moment, and we began production. I think this sort of thing could happen again with Capcom vs. SNK especially if enough people wish for the series return, said Ono.

You know what this is dont you? No, its not an affable shrug off from a man who didnt want to say no, its a call to arms, my friends! Buy yourself a trilby hat, slip a bit of paper that says Press into the band and get yourselves around Onos house! Do it now!! Unless, yknow, youre not as excited by this as I am. In which case dont bother. Now how much is a flight to Japan?

So if we want it, CVS3 may come true!!!


Hate to burst your bubble but this is older than dirt. He also mentioned making Dash and other games if there was enough demand. Key word is enough.


and now the quota is complete, we have our smash thread, our sfv char wishlist and our cvs3 threads of the month :tup:


^No its not, We still need the MvC3 thread.


lol, true, but since we got mvc2 on psn and xbox live, i doubt that we would see one for a while, yet is 2009 so its still posible for a “since mvc2 and tvc are comming what chars would you like to see on mvc3 if they make one” thread


id prefer a remake of cvs1, would love to play that classic in hd


I have a copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 right here. But only I can play it, because it’s embedded as a microchip in my head.


so tell me, who are the new characters & who are the top tiers?, im dying to know, also, can i plug a tv to your head? at least for watch some matches :looney:


Twitter it baby.


Guy better be in it


ono should stop making fighting games. Didn’t like what he did with sf4 so my thoughts are he’ll screw up cvs3 as well.

2 cents??


OH SNAP!!! CVS3 and MVC3!!!


if you think sf snores links and FADC’s are easy then you are just trolling

damn you changed your post just as i quoted you



It’s a possiblity…but not official.
Therefore, CvS3 is not true.


I hope it isnt 3D.


I hope it’s in 3.141592653589793432384626433D


Mmmmm Pie.


I can play it in El Salvador son. Woot!


Fuck Twitter.


So when I read the thread title I was all “Fuck no… CVS3?! Really?! It’s coming?!” Then I read the thread and the bumfuck jackass retard that is the OP is talking out of his ass.